Volunteers of ASU completed their work at the XXIX Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk

14 March 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Students of Altai State University completed their work as volunteers at the XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.

On March 12, the closing ceremony of the XXIX Winter Universiade 2019 was held at the Platinum Arena in Krasnoyarsk, while on March 13 a big concert and a disco party for all the volunteers of the event took place in the same sports and entertainment complex.

12 volunteers from the flagship university of Altai Krai attended the Universiade. They represented different faculties of ASU: faculties of geography, chemistry, psychology and pedagogics, art and design, as well as institute of economics, management and information systems and institute of law. 9 of them were ticket office volunteers, 1 student was a doping volunteer, 1 student acted as a cultural program volunteer, and the last one was an attache volunteer.

“Working as ticket office volunteers, we helped visitors find their seats, seated guests, solved other logistics issues at Yenisei Stadium. Our work ended on March 10, with the completion of the hockey matches, so this week we had the opportunity to walk around the city a bit, to visit a number of Universiade facilities, in particular, the sports park,” Elena Danilova, the 4th year student of the Faculty of Arts and Design of ASU, said. “This was my second grand event, in which I participated as a volunteer. Last year I worked at the World Cup. Of course, the general impressions are the most positive. Everything was beautiful, kind and friendly people surrounded us, work was well organized. In short, all this, of course, will long remain in the memory, as a bright event of the year!”

After the cultural event, the volunteers of Altai State University went home to Barnaul.

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