ASU celebrates Nowruz in the framework of the V Student Congress of the Peoples of Central Asia

18 March 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On March 14-15, the V Student Congress of the Peoples of Central Asia, timed to coincide with the national holiday of the Persian and Turkic peoples Nowruz, was held at Altai State University.

More than a thousand students from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, Sudan, Syria and other countries that celebrate Nowruz study at the flagship university of Altai Krai.

This year, for the first time, the theatrical action of the first day of the youth forum began early in the morning at Univer-City student complex, where foreign students of ASU prepared the main characters of the holiday – the spring girl and her friends. The role of the Nowruz-2019 symbol was performed by a native of Tajikistan – a first-year student of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems of ASU Tamiriz Mirsaburova, who passed a serious competitive selection. In a bright red dress, with a wreath of flowers and a bouquet of tulips and daffodils in her hands, she first congratulated all residents of Univer-City with the onset of spring, and went to the opening ceremony of the congress in a limousine.

Opening the anniversary congress, Head of the Department of Extracurricular and Educational Work of ASU Artem E. Safonov thanked the representatives of the national cultural associations of Altai Krai for support of students studying at the flagship university and other universities in the region.

“AIST, our association of foreign students, actively and amicably organized the annual forum and prepared for its participants many pleasant surprises. The program includes a lot of new events: scientific, creative and sports ones,” Artem E. Safonov noted.

One of the key events of the congress was summarizing the work of AIST, the Association of Foreign Students of ASU, for five years and defining plans for the future. The Inter-Ethnic Youth Sports Festival, the Olympiad on the History of the Central Asian Countries, a photo contest, an exhibition of tangible cultural objects of the Central Asian countries were also traditionally held.

Ten years ago, Nowruz International Day was included on the list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind by UNESCO. Persian and Turkic peoples celebrated the onset of astronomical spring, the day of the vernal equinox, long before the new era. In 2019, Nowruz is celebrated on March 21.

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