ASU scientists developed unique drug with high adaptogenic activity

21 March 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientists of the Research Institute of Biological Medicine at Altai State University have developed a unique biological drug with high adaptogenic effect.

This is a combined drug, the uniqueness of which lies primarily in the fact that it is obtained by a combination of biologically active substances of animal and vegetable origin. Studies on animals showed high adaptogenic activity of the developed drug. In particular, animals showed increased resistance to a wide range of effects, which is not typical for them. The product increased endurance to physical exertion, as well as increased their other activities.

“We live in a sharply continental and even extreme climate, which seriously affects people's well-being, regardless of their age. In addition, a modern human often suffers from chronic fatigue and other diseases with which it is increasingly difficult for them to cope with the help of well-known and common drugs and remedies. Therefore, we were faced with the task of developing a product that enhances the resilience of the human body to various kinds of harmful effects, helping to improve mental and physical performance,” Director of the Scientific and Research Institute of Biological Medicine at ASU, Candidate of Biology, Professor Vyacheslav V. Lampatov explained.

According to Vyacheslav V. Lampatov the developed product is first of all aimed at people living in big cities and regions of the Far North, working in extreme conditions, as well as to athletes at the stages of training and rehabilitation.

“The uniqueness of our product lies in the fact that it consists of several extracts of little-known plants of Altai Krai with adaptogenic properties, which, of course, enhances the effective actions of the drug itself. In addition, we added a product of animal origin, which was invented in the laboratory of our institute. We independently obtained this animal component, studied its chemical composition and proved its effectiveness. Now he will work on the result as part of the combined adaptogenic drug. I will only note that it has no relation to the antlers of Siberian stags,” Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Biological Medicine said.

Scientists suggest that the industrial partner of ASU, which will be engaged in the release of this product, will register it as a dietary supplement, and also take direct part in registering its name, because the drug does not have a specific name so far.

It is to be added that the project of the Research Institute of Biological Medicine at ASU is being developed within the framework of AltaiBioPharma, the strategic project of the flagship university. The project involves the introduction of innovative methods for obtaining and using medicinal raw materials of natural origin and medicines based on it.

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