Institute of Law at ASU develops cooperation with Sofia University in Bulgaria

24 April 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
From April 15 to 18, Director of the Institute of Law at Altai State University, Doctor of Law Anton A. Vasiliev paid a working visit to Sofia University (Sofia, Bulgaria) at the invitation of Professor Yanaki Stoilov and academic secretary of the Faculty of Law Simeon Groysman.

On April 15, A.A. Vasiliev took part in the scientific readings entitled “Sanctions in Law” with the report “Artificial Intelligence as a Subject of Offense”, in which he justified the necessity of imposing responsibility for the harm caused by using artificial intelligence to the software developer or a person whose actions affected the harm.

On April 16, the Director of the Institute of Law gave a speech at the International Conference entitled “140 Years since the Adoption of the Tarnovo Constitution”, dedicated to the document with which the creation of an independent Bulgarian state is connected. A.A. Vasiliev touched upon the Russian-Bulgarian relations in drafting of the Bulgarian Constitution, noting the contribution of the Russian Empire to the creation of state institutions and the Bulgarian army, ensuring the freedom of the Bulgarian people and giving Bulgaria freedom in the development of the constitutional order.

The conference was attended by leading professors and politicians of Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia (including deputies and former Prime Minister of Macedonia, Vlado Bučkovski).

On the same day he gave a lecture on the legal system of Russia and the modern foreign policy of the Russian Federation for students majoring in international affairs.

On April 17, A.A. Vasiliev gave a series of lectures on the sources of Russian law, controversial issues of positive legal responsibility. During the visit, agreements were reached on holding student schools in Bulgaria and Russia, exchanging students and teachers, participating in joint publication activity and applying for international grants.

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