ASU hosts Russian-Italian business seminar

10 July 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On July 9, the first Russian-Italian Business Seminar “Russia and Italy: the Art of Innovation” was held at flagship Altai State University. It was organized by the Italian non-profit “Conoscere Eurasia” Association and Intesa Bank with the support of the Altai Krai Government.

The event was moderated by the President of “Conoscere Eurasia” Association, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intesa Bank, Professor Antonio Fallico, Deputy Chairman of Altai Krai Government, the Head of the Administration under Altai Krai Government Vitaly V. Snesar and Director General of Altapress Publishing House Yuri P. Purgin.

About 100 Altai businessmen representing production, processing, packaging, sale of agricultural products, trade in food products, as well as tour operators, managers of travel agencies, owners of hotels and hostels, and Italian businessmen took part in the seminar, the main topics of which were “Food: Production, Processing and Implementation” and “Tourism: the Development of Unique Territories”.

According to Vitaly Snesar, the business seminar marked the beginning of a long-term project for the cooperation between Italian business and Russian entrepreneurship in Altai Krai.

“We will jointly develop the particular sectors and strengths, in which we will definitely achieve progress. In this sense, Italy is an example for us and a senior partner in the development of tourism infrastructure, agro-industrial business, traditional regional products, and so on,” Vitaly V. Snesar said. “It is no coincidence that the workshop has been organized on the premises of the flagship university of Altai Krai. We create all conditions for the development of inter-university cooperation, including with Italian colleagues. Here much depends on the higher education institutions themselves. For example, the development of academic exchange of students, young scientists and teachers. If we find a foothold in this direction from “Conoscere Eurasia” Association, this will be the key to our continued success.”

In turn, Professor Fallico noted that Altai Krai has the potential for trade and economic cooperation with Italy, since there are positive examples of business in the region that actively cooperates with European countries, including Italy. It is necessary to determine the priorities of Altai business and administration for more productive cooperation in the future.

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