Participants of Russian-Chinese Archeological School discover a unique sculpture during the excavations

17 July 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On July 10, the II Russian-Chinese Archeological School started at Chemal Training Base of Altai State University.
It began with Scientific Session of the Three Schools, which was held as part of the Life and Earth Sciences and Sustainable Global and Regional Development (Aktru-2019).

This time on July 8, 20 participants arrived from Nanjing University (China): 3 lecturers, 15 students and 2 applicants. The road from Nanjing ran through Urumqi and Novosibirsk. At the Tolmachevo airport, the group was met and taken to Barnaul by bus. During their acquaintance with Altai State University, the main attention was paid to the Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of Altai, as well as the Archaeological Stone Garden.

On July 10, the school participants attended an open lecture by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2007, Honored Research Professor and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Professor at the University of Sheffield (UK) Terry Callaghan. Further, an excursion to the archaeological sites in the Katun valley took place, and in the evening they listened to an educational lecture, which introduced Chinese youth to the peculiarities of Russian archaeology.

On July 11, practical classes began, which involved archaeological excavations. According to the organizers of the school, the participants managed to discover a unique object during their practice. They found a sculpture with an image of an expressive human face and a headdress next to the Turkic fence.

The participants of the archaeological school are looking forward to new discoveries and impressions that will not only lie in the field of ancient history.

It is to be recalled that the International School, recognized in 2018 as one of the best practices of interaction between Russian and foreign universities, will last until July 29.

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