Foreign students of ASU work as camp counselors at international summer camp

21 August 2019 Faculty of Biology
From August 9 to 19, 2019, International Summer Children's Camp was held in Altai Krai.

The camp brought together nearly a thousand people, including children, teachers and counselors from Russia and foreign countries. The children spent ten busy days in the holiday atmosphere, received new knowledge and experience that they could use later in life. The International Summer Camp is a unique camp for teenagers; young people from 14 to 17 years old come here.

Foreign students of the Faculty of Biology took an active part in the work of the summer camp. So, Khozhiakbar Nedoev and Sardor Usmanov have been working as camp counselors for several years.

Khozhiakbar Nedoev shared his impressions:

“I love working with children, so I went to the camp, where there are many children who want to study foreign culture. International Summer Children's Camp is a place where counselors from different countries gather and teach their culture, and children not only learn something, but also try to show all their knowledge to other children. I have already taken part in the camp 3 times. I teach children to speak the Kyrgyz language, tell them about our traditions, etc. The Kyrgyz expatriate community in Barnaul helps us a lot and provides national costumes to show to the children. I get used to the children quickly, and try to give them everything I can. The camp is very interesting to work at. There are a lot of children and I want to get to know each of them. The organization of events is simply amazing. I also agitate children to come study at Altai State University when they grow up, and talk about our Faculty of Biology. Every year I want to return to this special world, where everyone is friendly, where everyone is different, but equal!”

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