ASU sociologists implement project for children with mental disabilities

15 October 2019 Faculty of Sociology
Volunteers of Altai State University will soon leave for Egorievsky Neuropsychiatric Boarding School. Training is important and the skills of volunteers in working with children with mental disabilities have grown significantly. The organizers, represented by Marina Plotnikova, Alena Sivokon, and the teaching staff of the Department of Social Work, are trying to make the volunteers feel as good, positive and energized as possible.

Several meetings were organized in order to tell about the features of children living in the boarding school, as well as to give an opportunity to see what lies ahead. The fourth meeting was held to develop the volunteers’ creative potential: they studied twisting and considered a sports ground, the holding of which is planned within the walls of the boarding house.

In addition, some important organizational issues were clarified and the issue of the composition of the team of hospital clowns that visited the charity chambers of the Yegoryevsky Boarding School was decided.

The team attracted a lot of newcomers who did not take part before, but really wanted to. That is why the day before the fourth meeting, special training was organized for them, which was conducted by Daria Borodich, curator of the hospital clowning in Barnaul, graduate of the Faculty of Sociology.

She talked about the code of the hospital clown, the basic rules, presented a few trainings, clearly showing what difficulties could await the volunteers. Dasha mentioned funny and difficult cases that she had to face in her practice, gave some advice to beginners and invited the students to develop in the hospital clowning on a large scale.

Of course, all the efforts made to educate and train volunteers who are to participate in the implementation of the project “Extraordinary Children, We Come to You!” are not in vain. This was noted by Alena Sivokon:

“In my opinion, the volunteers are ready to go to the boarding school, we are making every effort to make this trip excellent. We talked about the features of the children and even tried to act it out, the guys already have an idea what children they will work with. I see a great potential in the volunteers. They want to work, and most importantly to be useful and bring "extraordinary children" attention, joy and positive emotions. I think and really hope that some of the guys will continue working in this direction.”

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