Residents of Altai Krai help the expert community collect valuable information on the state of the forest

11 October 2019 Faculty of Biology
An interactive map on the places of finds of large trees in Altai Krai, created by the naturalistic community of the region, continues to be replenished. Residents of different districts are actively sharing information with the organizers of the marathon "The Biggest Tree" and send photos and measurements of the patriarchal trees.

A few days ago we received a letter from a rural librarian from Bystriy Istok village. Tatyana A. Kopylova very vividly and colorfully described a pine tree, which she and her family have been observing for more than a year. The tree is really big: the girth is 410 centimeters. To date, only two larger pines have been found – one of them, which is unfortunately drying up, was discovered in Soloneshensky District by the huntsman Vladimir Trushnikov, the second one located in the Kislukhinsky Reserve, was found by the huntsman Sergei Baidukov.

Tatyana told us about the amazing pine tree:

“A few years ago, we accidentally saw this tree and were simply amazed at its size. Since then, whenever we go to rest on Zavyalovskoe Lake in the neighboring village of Verkh-Ozernoye, we will definitely visit Verkh-Ozerninsky Borok, where this beauty grows. There are many century old pines, but the very thing is that this is our pine. Locals still call it Lenin Pine. Old-timers say that once a very, very long time ago a pine forest grew everywhere here, right up to the Kolyvan Gorge. But there was a terrible fire and the forest burned out, only a small island of the forest remained. Maybe the lake saved it from the fire.

It is also surprising that during the Great Patriotic War not a single tree was cut down for firewood! People collected cones and heated stoves with them.

Now in the village of Verkh-Ozernoye there are very few residents. And once the locals guarded the fences and even cleaned its territory of garbage. After all, visiting vacationers are not always conscious.
I want everyone to realize that everything that is created by nature needs to be protected. And, of course, to bring up love for the nature in children.

We are proud that our area has its own Red Book! And Verkh-Ozerninsky Borok is listed there as a specially protected natural site. And all this thanks to our fellow countryman, one of the authors of the Red Book, a professional and indifferent person Dmitry V. Chernykh.

Having learned about the “Biggest Tree” marathon, we decided to take part in it. To do this, we specially went to Borok, took measurements and photographs, and also decided that we would probably establish a family tradition – to come to our pine tree in September. How beautiful it is! It’s as if you are walking along a carpet of pine cones, breathing transparent air, and looking at the beauty around!

Riddles and miracles are just around the corner! There is a small hollow in one of our pine branches. This is probably someone's house. And next to the huge trunk of the pine tree, a very small pine tree is growing! Not far from our tree, we found a huge stump collapsing. Perhaps the fallen tree was even larger than the pine we are telling you about. Nearby lies a large trunk. But here’s a miracle – a young birch grows right in the middle of the stump! New life! This is eternity...”

By such simple actions (measuring the circumference of the trunk with a tape measure and taking photos on a smartphone that is always at hand), caring residents of Altai Krai help the expert community collect valuable information about the state of the forest. After verification and a more detailed examination of the identified giant trees, the scientific community will be able to develop recommendations for the conservation of tape and acquisition forests, mountain taiga forest complexes.

We invite everyone to participate: when you are in the forest, pay attention to large conifers. Having found such a tree, measure the circumference of the trunk with a tape measure at a height of 130 cm from the ground, then take a photo that clearly shows the result of grasping the trunk and the geographical coordinates of the location of the giant tree. Upon returning home, tell us about your find: send your photos to Lyudmila Pozhidaeva via e-mail or post this information in the support group of the contest on social media. All old trees will be taken into account, and in some places they can even be assigned a reserved status – a natural monument of local importance.

Every resident of Altai Krai has the opportunity to take an active part in preserving the valuable corners of the wildlife of their small motherland! Join now!

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