Students of Altai State University planted lindens on an alley in Barnaul

4 December 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
On October 15, Altai State University organized an environmental campaign in Barnaul to plant trees on an alley along Avanesov Street.

The event, coordinated by the leadership of the university with Barnaul Administration, was attended by about 30 students of the biological and geographical faculties of ASU, who planted 50 linden seedlings grown in the South Siberian Botanical Garden of AtSU on the alley. The leaders of the university, Rector Sergey N. Bocharov and President Sergey V. Zemlyukov, also took part in the campaign.

“Now is just a good time for planting trees, so the specialists of our botanical garden have prepared linden seedlings that will complement the biodiversity of this park zone of the city,” Sergey Bocharov said.

According to university scientists, the trees for planting were chosen as the least whimsical, so that the seedlings take root and please the citizens’ eyes.

“Of course, lindens need a long time to grow and gain strength, but this is a beautiful and durable tree,” Natalya Speranskaya, Assistant Professor at the Department of Botany of Altai State University said. “In general, linden practically does not grow in the natural environment in our region, but it was not difficult for it to adapt to our conditions. Now there are a lot of lindens throughout the city, both young and old ones, and all of them are feeling quite well.”

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