ASU scientists proposed to develop educational tourism in Belokurikha-2 on the principles of biological nature management

12 December 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientists from the biological and geographical faculties of Altai State University took part in the 1st Interregional Investment Forum dedicated to the development of Belokurikha-2, a new tourist resort located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level 5 km south-west of Belokurikha in the foothills Altai Mountains.

In addition to business representatives interested in the development of the tourist project and its current partners, the forum was attended by scientists and experts in the field of spa treatment, nature conservation, sports, tourism, and ecology.

Dean of the Faculty of Biology at Altai State University, Doctor of Biology, Professor Marina M. Silantyeva was invited to the forum as an expert in the field of ecology, where she presented a project for the development of educational tourism in the territory of Belokurikha-2 as a specialized type of ecological tourism. The project includes a range of excursion programs for various categories of visitors, where priority attention can be paid to the demonstration of wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. For this purpose, it is necessary to equip excursion ecological trails and tourist routes, observation platforms, places for observing wild animals and birds, which naturally will require the development of infrastructure to provide after-sales service to visitors.

“In the habitats of bear, musk deer or Siberian maral, living on the territory of Belokurikha-2, I suggested installing webcams so that people could look at the behavior and nature of their occupations without frightening animals. These are just some of the features of educational tourism, which is now actively developing in European countries. Maintaining good physical shape while developing sports tourism is great, but it’s time to think about preserving the surrounding world and get to know it better!” Dean of the Faculty of Biology emphasized.

M.M. Silantyeva also noted that all investment projects planned for implementation on the territory of Belokurikha-2 must necessarily take into account the principles of biological nature management, which are currently guided by the development of tourism in Europe, in particular, in the Alps. These principles provide for a humane attitude to biological resources and the inadmissibility of destruction during the operation of whole natural communities and living species. Moreover, in the territory adjacent to the resort of Belokurikha-2, there is relict vegetation, the age of which is approximately 5 to 7 million years, as well as red-listed animals and birds, for example, such a rare creature as lamprey.

It remains to be added that the goal of the forum organizers from Belokurikha Resort was to attract new investors, establish business contacts and discuss business problems with the government.

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