Draft law on science developed at ASU is aimed at comprehensive support for the activities of scientists and researchers

11 November 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
The Council on Science, High Technology and Innovative Development at Altai Krai Legislative Assembly decided to create an interagency working group to prepare a regional law on science.

Deputies, scientists, representatives of the regional Government and regional universities took part in the work of the Council. The event was opened by Alexander Lazarev, deputy chairman of the Council on Science, head of the Committee on Health and Science.

In December, the Council will be replenished by the Rector of Altai State University Sergey Bocharov and two representatives of the regional parliament – deputy head of the Just Russia political party Vladislav Vakaev and member of the Committee on Economic Policy, Industry and Entrepreneurship Mikhail Nikishanin. Their candidacy was supported by the attending Council members. Deputies of the Legislative Assembly will make the final decision at the December session.

Among the main issues on the agenda, scientists, parliamentarians and representatives of the executive branch discussed the draft law "On Science, Scientific and Technical Activity and Innovation in Altai Krai". It was introduced by the developer, Director of the Law Institute at Altai State University Anton Vasiliev. The document is aimed at comprehensive support for the activities of scientists and researchers. The need to develop such a regional law within the walls of the Parliamentary Center has been repeatedly spoken about. 

According to Anton Vasiliev, system support of scientists and researchers will create attractive conditions for the work of such specialists in the scientific centers of our region, as well as increase the intellectual capital of Altai Krai and will be an impetus for the growth of knowledge-intensive industries.

“With due attention and support of the researchers, the gross domestic product of a region or country additionally receives an additional at least 15–20%,” he said, referring to the work of domestic and foreign scientists.

The discussion of the bill caused a lively discussion. Council members made a number of comments and suggestions to the draft and supported the need to develop a regional science law. For its detailed preparation, it was decided to create an interdepartmental working group.

During the Council meeting, biometrics and healthy nutrition topics were also discussed. The prospects of introducing mandatory biometric identification of a person were told by the head of the Altai Regional Bureau of Forensic Medicine Alexei Shadymov.

The main directions and tasks of the regional policy in the field of healthy nutrition were reported by Tatyana Repkina, chief physician of the regional center for medical prevention "Center for Public Health". Taking into account the predominantly agrarian specialization of the regional economy, she suggested to draw the attention of agricultural producers to the creation of lines of “healthy” products with a reduced content of salt, fat and carbohydrates. In addition, the head of the center for medical prevention noted the need for healthy eating habits in school-age children. 

Proposals made during the Council meeting will be formulated in the form of decisions. The organizers have 10 days to complete and finalize them.

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