Results of strategic project on sustainable development of Altai Krai were discussed at ASU

18 December 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On December 17, the results of the implementation of the Strategic Project "Sustainable Development of Altai in the Cross-Border Space" in 2019 were summed up at Altai State University.

Participants of the scientific and practical seminar dedicated to the results of the first year of the implementation of the Strategic Project “Sustainable Development of Altai in the Cross-Border Space” and discussion of plans for 2020 included project manager, Director of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems Stepan I. Mezhov, Rector of Altai State University Sergey N. Bocharov, President of Altai State University Sergey V. Zemlyukov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development in Altai Krai Sergey S. Kryzhanovsky, representatives of relevant ministries and regional government of Altai Krai Legislative Assembly, heads of Smolensky and Sovetsky districts, representatives of Altai Krai Administration.

“Implementing the project during the year, together with biologists, geographers, sociologists and lawyers of Altai State University, we obtained a number of interesting results. For example, we plan to make a GIS map of the region, a kind of business navigator that will reflect certain data on an interactive map of Altai Krai. In particular, it will allow the assessment of land in terms of climatic conditions for growing crops, data on their optimal load. This includes a number of projects aimed at popularizing entrepreneurship, educating people, developing their competencies in terms of entrepreneurial activity, since we focus on the economically active population of those territories where our project is implemented,” Stepan I. Mezhov.

Altaisky, Smolensky and Sovetsky districts became pilot ones in this project, with which ASU has formed areas of cooperation in the elaboration of a strategy for the socio-economic development of municipalities, new standards for the quality of life of people with an effective combination of environmentally friendly industries with a unique natural complex. The strategies were developed by  employees of Altai State University, together with local authorities and young scientists.

“We worked on development projects for three districts of Altai Krai at once with the possibility of scaling to other municipalities. Therefore, the year of 2020 should pass under the slogan of further implementation of projects in the region,” Director of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems said.

Stepan I. Mezhov added that Altai State University would help residents of Altai Krai determine the prospects for the development of municipalities, present options for successful professional activities in their districts, help see strategic moments that would contribute to the further development of the districts, etc.

“Scientists of Altai State University worked out various options for the strategic development of Sovetsky district until 2035, aimed at improving the quality of life of our population, improving their well-being and, in general, developing the infrastructure not only of our district, but also of the surrounding territories,” Head of Sovetsky district Alexander G. Polkovnikov said. “Since our district is located in the foothill zone and borders on Belokurikha, the project dealt with the possible creation of a tourism cluster, combining a number of districts, including ours, which would contribute to the development of tourism infrastructure, in particular, in Sovetsky district. At the moment, it is not sufficiently developed here, but there are certain prerequisites, there are free zones for attracting investors, therefore we have certain prospects for cooperation with Altai State University.”

It is to be recalled that the main objective of the strategic project “Sustainable Development of Altai in the Cross-Border Space” is the creation and implementation of coordinated development projects for the districts of Altai Krai, by implementing which, heads of the districts will be able to increase the investment attractiveness of their enterprises, raise the standard of living, and use natural resources wisely. Particular attention in the project is paid to interaction with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as young scientists.

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