Altai State University geographical students started internship at Altai Krai Forest Protection Center

2 July 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Under the agreement between Altai State University and Federal Forestry Agency, students of the Faculty of Geography started internship at the branch of Russian Center for Forest Protection – Altai Krai Forest Protection Center.

The internship program started with a tour around the center, during which specialists talked about the work of each department and introduced the students to the team.

Forest pathologist Aleksey Butakov introduced the students to the computer programs LESGIS and ABRIS +, talked about how forestry specialists use the outline of the planting area, and taught the basics of cartography.

Environmental monitoring began with a mandatory safety briefing. Interns and forest pathologist Valentina Kulapina have studied the status categories of plantations of the Barnaul forestry for two days. Students were taught to determine the most common diseases of Altai forest in the field conditions. Using the example of an already completed act of forest pathology research, the specialists described how the emergency trees are recounted, compared the coordinates of such trees on the spot, and confirmed the state of each tree. In addition, the students did practical exercises on the use of forest measuring tools.

The practice has just begun, and the specialists of the Forest Protection Department plan to introduce students to the methodology of conducting state forest pathological monitoring and conduct a lesson with students at a permanent observation point.

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