ASU discussed the implementation of the strategic project “Sustainable Development of Altai Territories in a Transboundary Space”

11 December 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On December 6, a project seminar was held at Altai State University to discuss issues related to the strategic project “Sustainable Development of Altai Territories in a Transboundary Space”.

The key topic of the seminar, which was attended by students and undergraduates of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems, as well as geographical and sociological faculties, is the results of the work on the strategic project in 2019.

Particular attention was paid to the discussion of strategies for the socio-economic development of municipalities and a portfolio of projects for implementation in pilot areas.

The project session was opened by the president of Altai State University S.V. Zemlyukov, who emphasized in his speech the importance of the project for Altai Krai, the need for further work on presenting a case study of the strategies for the implementation, implementation and replication of developed projects in the areas of sustainable development for the region's municipalities.

Project Manager, Director of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems S.I. Mezhov briefly presented the program of the seminar and key issues for discussion regarding the territorial specificity of pilot municipalities, mechanisms for implementing strategies and their resource support, mechanisms for presenting strategies in municipalities.

Scientists of Altai State University, together with municipalities, have done a lot of work to develop strategies for the socio-economic development of districts. The results of this work were presented by the leaders of the project groups – L.A. Kapustyan, O.Yu. Rudakova, V.V. Vorobyova. In particular, the draft strategies for socio-economic development of Altaisky, Smolensky, and Sovetsky districts were considered.

Ensuring balanced changes in the territories of Altai Krai in order to increase investment attractiveness and development of human capital is impossible without real projects aimed at improving the lives of residents of Altai Krai.

As part of a joint work with the municipal entities of Altai Krai on sustainable development strategy, scientists of the Faculty of Geography and International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems in 2019 developed a portfolio of projects that included original solutions for pilot districts and know-how: a center for strategic decisions (project office) for cooperation and integration of geographically limited specialized territories, a Web-GIS map of the regions of Altai Krai to present a data set for specific work on strategic planning of socio-eco ohmic development of municipalities and geomarketing, the Belokurikha cluster development project based on health tourism, new tourist routes for tourists across Altai Krai, including foreign ones, a digital platform for environmental monitoring, assessment of the agroclimatic potential of any economy or the whole area based on GIS-technologies. The portfolio of projects also included social and educational projects – “Online School of Entrepreneurship and the Fundamentals of Financial Literacy” for the search, support and further development of talented youth in the field of entrepreneurship, “Network Natural Science Laboratory”, which allows students to independently acquire new knowledge in the field of natural and economic potential of Altai Krai, to combine efforts via the Internet, to carry out exciting field work and expeditions in the framework of general projects. All the results of the work of scientists of Altai State University in a strategic project are presented on the project website.

The result of the project session was the adoption of a decision on the recognition of the results of the strategic project as satisfactory and the inclusion of the developed projects in the strategic planning documents of municipalities in 2020.

The implementation of the strategic project involves building competencies in the field of socio-economic design and strategy, and on December 17, 2019, the leadership of Altai State University decided to hold a scientific and practical seminar "Experience in the implementation of sustainable development of rural territories of Altai Krai as part of ASU strategic project" together with local governments, state authorities of the region, key entrepreneurs of the regions with the aim of creating cases of the best economic, otsialnyh and environmental projects, the organization of intermunicipal projects and interactions release of Altai Krai in the inter-regional cooperation and cooperation within the framework of the macro-region.

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