ASU chooses the best student business projects

24 December 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Altai State University summed up and named the winners of the Successful Project competition of business ideas organized by the flagship university of Altai Krai together with Altai Fund for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as part of the regional project “Promotion of Entrepreneurship”.

23 projects were submitted to the expert commission at the final stage of the competition of business ideas. There were 10 projects in "Technological Entrepreneurship" track, 4 projects in "Social Entrepreneurship" track, and 9 projects in "Small Business" track.

The first to present a project on the production of sanitary-hygienic paper products were students of Altai Industrial and Economic College Alexandra Efremova and Elina Zhdanova. At home, the girls made paper sheets of fallen leaves and waste paper, proving the possibility of producing paper from recycled materials.

“This is a cost-effective and environmentally efficient project, since the problem of tree felling is very acute today, as is the disposal of agricultural waste, such as straw. We wanted our project to be appreciated by business professionals, and, of course, we were interested in the experience of implementing and promoting our business idea, so we applied for the Successful Project competition,” Alexandra and Elina said.

Anastasia Latkina, a student at the Faculty of Sociology of Altai State University, presented the project “I Can...” School for the Development of Communication Skills for Blind, Deaf and Mute Children, aimed at teaching technology for working with Braille and sign language.

“We have developed a project that will help not only blind, deaf and mute children in their adaptation, but also teach specialists working with this group of children, as well as parents, with special communication skills. This is a specially formed training technology. In addition, we developed two manuals, one in Braille and the other in sign language, and an alphabet with fairy tales for children. I hope that we will be able to win this contest!” Anastasia emphasized.

The representative of the expert commission of the competition, head of Altai Krai Children's Technopark “Kvantorium.22” Alexander Yu. Muratov noted that with the “Successful Project” cooperation between the technopark and Altai State University is reaching a new level:

“I am glad that the Kvantorium.22 guys have a great opportunity to try their strength in the direction of developing their competencies in the field of technological entrepreneurship and business. The need for the development of such software competencies in children is very high. We are trying to build a digital economy, so it is very important for us that the guys not only creative and develop some of their competencies, but also that they embody their digital ideas. Unfortunately, today only the students of “Kvantorium” talked about triboelectric series, offered virtual tours, mobile applications, that is, they talked about the future. At the same time, we saw here that the competencies of our children in the field of business require significant improvement. We saw a future for ourselves, and we will certainly cooperate with Altai State University on the development of competencies of our technopark teachers and students in the field of business.”

After the presentation of the projects of all the finalists, the jury determined the best projects in each of the tracks. So, in the track “Technological Entrepreneurship” the first place was taken by the business idea “Production of sanitary-hygienic paper products” of Altai Industrial and Economic College. The project “Obtaining Essential Oil from Agastache foeniculum Raw Materials with High Antifungal Activity” (ASU) captured the second place and got the title of “Promising Business Idea”.

“School for the Development of Communication Skills for Blind, Deaf and Mute Children“ project (ASU) was chosen in the “Social Entrepreneurship” track.

In the “Small Business” track the places were distributed in the following way: the best business idea turned out to be the GroomingGuffi Zoological Salon project (ASU College), while the Promising Business Project title was awarded to YesJob Youth Employment Agency idea (ASU College ) and NatPro Healthy Confectionery (Biysk State College).

In addition, the jury noted a number of other interesting and promising projects that, in addition to valuable prizes, will be able to finalize their projects with the support of specialists from the university and Altai Fund for Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in order to compete successfully at the federal level for the resource support provided by national development institutions.

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