New development of ASU physicists was presented at the International Industrial Forum in China

25 December 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Vladimir A. Plotnikov, Head of the Department of General and Experimental Physics at the Faculty of Physics and Technology of Altai State University, Head of the Laboratory for Quality Control of Materials and Structures, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, took part in the International Forum on the Industrial Development of New Materials, held in Jining, China, on December 11–14.

To participate in the forum, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation formed a delegation of scientists, which included representatives of universities, academic institutions and research and production associations from all over Russia. And since one of the areas of the scientific event was a discussion of the topic of obtaining new materials from carbon, Altai State University received an invitation to participate in the forum.

“Since our faculty is directly involved in carbon materials such as diamonds, diamond coatings, and diamond-like films, my report was devoted to the preparation and properties of diamond-like films at Altai State University. The peculiarity of our work is that we use the radiation of a high-power laser to obtain diamond-like films. But the most common method in the world today is the decomposition of a hydrogen-methane mixture and condensation from this vapor-gas phase onto a substrate of carbon atoms. The disadvantage of such films is that they contain hydrogen, which is a difficult to remove impurity. In our method, we use the direct version of the evaporation of a graphite target from highly pure graphite using a laser beam. As a result, studies have shown that the film created at ASU laboratory has high structural homogeneity, where the structural components are mainly diamond clusters with a size of a little less than one nanometer. The report also demonstrated how the structural state of the film can be controlled during the process,” Vladimir A. Plotnikov said.

Following the results of the report by V.A. Plotnikov, the scientists reached an agreement with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation on a wider presentation of the developments of the Faculty of Physics and Technology at ASU in China.

“Chinese colleagues are interested in our development, because the diamond we are working with has a tremendously high coefficient of thermal conductivity, more than ten times the thermal conductivity of the best metals – silver and copper. In particular, a diamond-like film can be included in the heterostructure of modern microcircuits,” V.A. Plotnikov specified. “In the future, it is planned to present other developments of the Faculty of Physics and Technology to the interested people in China in order to determine the range of further research, design and technological work of Altai State University scientists.”

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