"First on Mayak" told about space exploration by scientists of Altai State University

12 April 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
Roman Raikin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Radiophysics and Theoretical Physics of the Institute of Digital Technologies, Electronics and Physics of Altai State University, Vice-Rector for the Development of International Affairs, Altai State University, became a guest of the next release of the radio program "First on Mayak" of the State TV and Radio Company "Altai".

60 years ago on April 12, man first conquered space - the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin made a revolution around the Earth. Yuri Gagarin's flight into space was a triumph of Russian science. But even today, Altai scientists, designers, engineers, and test pilots play an important role in the development of the space industry.

Altai Krai is among the regions that contribute to the exploration of outer space. In particular, astrophysicists of the flagship university of Altai Krai have been full-fledged participants in the international TAIGA collaboration since 2017. This collaboration is engaged in the creation of one of the world's largest gamma-astronomical observatories, which, according to scientists, will become a unique source of scientific data in the field of astrophysics of elementary particles, gamma-astronomy, cosmic ray physics, astronomy, physics of near-earth space, physics of meteoric phenomena, geophysics , radio physics, physics of the atmosphere, etc.

Roman Raikin spoke about the work of the Altai State University scientists in the framework of the collaboration and about other areas of research by astrophysicists of the flagship university.

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