AltSU participates in the project for creating and developing foreign resource centers for Russian education

23 April 2021 Department of International Affairs
Regular biology lessons were held for schoolchildren of the Resource Centers of Russia abroad within the framework of the "Export of Education" project, which were conducted by teachers of the flagship Altai State University.

The students are now in a busy time of preparing for the final exams at school and admission to universities. Together with Tatyana Kornievskaya, senior lecturer of the Botany Department of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Altai State University, they discussed the issues of plant evolution, its stages and the specifics of evolutionary processes in different geological eras and periods.

In addition, in 2021, teachers of resource centers took advanced training courses under the program "Modern school biological education in the context of internationalization." During the training, they got acquainted with modern methods of teaching biology, the peculiarities of preparing children for olympiads of various levels, techniques and methods of conducting laboratory work as part of a school biology workshop, were able to exchange their best practices and communicate with colleagues. Based on the results of the courses, the participants received certificates of advanced training.

Altai State University is a member of a consortium of leading Russian universities that are implementing a project to create and develop foreign resource centers for Russian education. To date, seven resource centers are successfully operating on the basis of schools in Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Syria, Tajikistan and Turkey. Despite the epidemiological restrictions that prevented teachers from leaving for basic schools in 2020, classes with students, refresher courses for teachers, winter schools and olympiads are conducted using distance learning technologies in all seven resource centers created under the project.

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