Altai State University becomes the center of student tourism in Altai

29 April 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
Within the framework of the Address to the Federal Assembly, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin outlined the need to develop student tourism in Russia. Support for domestic student tourism is planned to be provided by the Ministry of Education and Science, which was noted in his speech by Minister Valery Falkov.

At the Institute of Geography of the flagship Altai State University, field practices and student tourist routes in Altai are an important part of the educational process. A lot of experience has been accumulated in interesting practical classes with students. Geography and ecology students, after the first and second years, develop fieldwork skills. For several years, the faculty of the Institute of Geography, together with students, have explored both the main base of the university's practices on Lake Krasilovo, and a number of distant practice sites in Altai and the Altai Republic. Students of the tourism direction in practice not only study the infrastructure, but also form recommendations for the rational use of tourist resources and the development of tourist routes. Tourist programs are actively researched and formed on the basis of educational practices of Altai State University in Chemal (the Altai Republic) and on the Charysh river, as well as in Belokurikha on the basis of a branch of the university.

For many years Altai State University has helped organize student internships and tourist trips for students from Moscow, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk and other cities. In 2021, it is planned to implement joint routes in Altai with tourism students from Volga State University of Technology. Together with the geographers of Tomsk State University, it is planned to implement a project of field practices from the Altai plains of Lake Krasilovo to the foothills of Belokurikha, the middle Chemal mountains and the Aktru highlands.

Tourist Club has been operating at AltSU on the basis of the Institute of Geography for more than 10 years, which actively participates in the organization of student practices, expeditionary activities and tourist trips of students and teachers of the university.

The Institute of Geography of Altai State University is ready to develop programs for student tourism in Altai. The presence of internship bases and a new hostel in Barnaul will allow accepting students from other regions within the framework of the development of domestic tourism and the Address of the President of the Russian Federation.

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