Two new master's degree programs of the AltSU’s project “The Greater Altai” were presented to graduate students of Kazakhstan

8 June 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
This year, Altai State University offers two new joint master's degree programs with training in universities of two countries - Russia and Kazakhstan: the flagship University of Altai Krai and East Kazakhstan State University named after S. Amanzholova.

These are programs in the direction "Applied Informatics", in the profile "Digital technologies for data analysis for the sustainable development of regions of North and Central Asia" (program manager, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Elena Ponkina), and in the profile "Digital technologies in the management of socio-economic processes" (program manager Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Nikolay Oskorbin).

The Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies at AltSU has been successfully cooperating with East Kazakhstan University for many years, in particular, with the Department of Computer Modeling and Information Technologies (Head of the Department Zh. Zhantasova) on training highly qualified specialists both within the framework of master's degree programs and postgraduate programs.

The new master's degree programs give a good opportunity for bachelors from Kazakhstan to receive a Russian master's degree in applied computer science and applied mathematics and computer science at AltSU, and AltSU’s students can complete an internship at East Kazakhstan State University named after S. Amanzholova.

Elena Pon'kina, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics, Altai State University:

“Graduates of the Applied Informatics direction are now in great demand, firstly, due to the popularization and intensive development of Data Science, including Big Data, and methods in the field of Computer Science, secondly, due to the applied nature of the master's degree program itself. A master’s course in the profile "Digital technologies of data analysis for sustainable development of regions of North and Central Asia" is created within the framework of the international project "The Turkic world of the Greater Altai: the unity and diversity of history and modernity." This program is focused on training specialists with an in-depth study of methods and technologies for analyzing data of various kinds - socio-economic, natural and climatic, the results of measuring various environmental parameters.

Students will acquire the skills of independent data collection - doing the simplest GPS survey of objects, data from unmanned aerial vehicles, then process geolocation data, plot them on a map, collect data from social networks, analyze them thematically, etc. An important aspect of the program is project work, when the students develop specific solutions for data processing and analyzing, its visualization for solving a specific applied problem.

There are already a number of tasks given by the industrial partners of Altai State University, which future 1st-year undergraduates can solve, they can also try their skills in interacting with the customer. This is important, because within the framework of the bachelor's program, students receive basic knowledge, and the master's degree program provides for the opportunity to broaden their worldview, strengthen the fundamental base and solve challenging applied problems.

I would like to note that the benchmark for sustainable development in North and Central Asia was not taken by chance. Firstly, this is a modern development trend not only in Europe, but also in Russia. Secondly, Asian markets are developing and promising for the implementation of various projects, both economic and IT. That is why Asian countries are of great interest to Europe and the United States.”

N. Oskorbin, Professor of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics, Altai State University:

“We have been cooperating  with East Kazakhstan University, Faculty of Natural Sciences (Dean Muratkan Madiyarov) for a long time. Every year students from Kazakhstan defend their master's theses at our department. This year is no exception, 5 students from Kazakhstan are coming to defend their master's theses in Applied Informatics. We have completely modernized the master's course in the field of Digital Technologies in the Management of Socio-Economic Processes, added a number of modern disciplines related to machine learning, IT project management, the use of digital technologies in insurance, real estate appraisal, and consulting. Therefore, the emphasis in the program is placed on modeling and solving applied problems in the economy and social sphere. Most of the students are already employed in their specialty and many more come to us to get new skills in the field of digital technologies in the economy."

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