Altai State University continues vaccination against coronavirus infection

28 October 2021 Newspaper "For Science"
Altai State University continues vaccination against coronavirus infection. Why it is worth getting vaccinated, the university newspaper "For Science!" asked the students.

Anastasia Shcherbakova, 2nd year student, Institute of Digital Technologies, Electronics and Physics:

My decision to get vaccinated was very deliberate. For six months I have been looking for information about vaccination and its consequences. I watched the reaction of people from my family who had already been vaccinated. Having learned that there were no negative side effects, I finally made up my mind to do it. Now, according to statistics, about 1000 people die a day. I believe that this is a weighty argument in order to get vaccinated and reduce this figure, while protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Pavel Rakhmatulin, 4th year student, Institute of Chemical Physics and Technology:

I decided to get vaccinated against Covid-19, as I am very worried about my health. After all, the vaccine protects health, although not 100%, but it helps to have a milder form of illness.

Anna Barilo, 3rd year student, Institute of History and International Relations:

I decided to get vaccinated, since I had to travel to another country. I felt safer with the vaccine. I have never been against vaccinations, but I had doubts about the new vaccine, but I still decided to get it in and did not experience any negative consequences. Vaccination is necessary to achieve herd immunity, that is, so that those who cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons can also be protected from the virus.

Anton Ivanov, Head of CA, MIEMIS:

Of course, you need to be vaccinated! In such a difficult epidemiological situation, when the number of cases is growing, you need to be conscientious! When you have been vaccinated, you feel safer, even if you get sick, the consequences will be much milder than without the vaccine. There is no need to treat vaccination as something strictly obligatory and imposed on you, on the contrary, this is you who needs the vaccine and it will save you!

Elena Lemzhina, 3rd year student, Institute of Chemical Physics and Technology:

The epidemiological situation in the country and the world now holds us in fear. Only in Altai Krai, the number of cases is still several hundred daily. They broadcast through the media so that we finally understand how important it is to take care of our own health and the health of those around us. Having been tired of what is happening, having learned all the severities of COVID-19 by my own example, I decided to get vaccinated this summer. Yes, the vaccine has side effects, but sickness and fever for two to three days cannot be compared to what can happen to the body after a real infection. Having been ill this winter for a month and a half, now I am 100% sure that I do not want to experience this again. I want each of you to think seriously and assess all the risks. Health is the most precious thing we have.

Margarita Filonchik, 3rd year student, Institute of Biology and Biotechnology:

Why did I get the Covid-19 vaccine? We have little understanding of the true danger of this disease. Especially those who did not face its dire consequences. I have not come across, but smart people learn from other people's mistakes. So I got vaccinated to reduce the risk of getting sick. And if I get sick, then it's easy to get through the illness, without getting to the hospital, on mechanical ventilation or even more ... I was not afraid of side effects, because a minor side effect is better than a full-fledged Covid-19. It was also important for me to reduce the risk to my loved ones. And in general, it has been scientifically proven that many diseases of our time, such as smallpox, were defeated only with the help of vaccinations. And the incidence of diseases such as measles and polio has decreased hundreds of thousands of times. If the anti-vaccination movement had not promoted its ideas in recent years, polio, measles, and perhaps even the flu would have been history.

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