Associate Professor of IMIT AltSU Elena Ponkina will work as a visiting scholar at East Kazakhstan University

5 November 2021 REC "The Greater Altai"
During November, associate professor of Altai State University, Head of the expert group "Spatial analysis and modeling of natural and socio-economic processes of sustainable development of the Greater Altai regions" Elena Ponkina will work as a visiting scientist at the Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan State University in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

She will give lectures to undergraduates and graduate students of the Department of Computer Modeling and Information Systems of the EKU named after S. Amanzholov. The course “Analysis of causality and Bayesian networks of trust” prepared by her will allow, according to the expert, to take a fresh look at data processing and modeling, penetrate into the depth and essence of causal patterns, consider various ways of describing them, and also learn the basics of modeling based on a combination of technologies machine learning and problem-oriented data analysis.
According to the author of the course, working as a visiting scientist at a leading university in East Kazakhstan will expand contacts for joint work on master's programs, which are implemented by the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics of Altai State University.

“In general, this is also the approbation of educational material, because the proposed course is new and offered in the author's original presentation. The guys will work on the basis of real data, based on the processing of which a number of articles have been prepared in high-rated publications,” noted Elena Ponkina.

It should be noted that the East Kazakhstan University named after Sarsen Amanzholov is a partner of Altai State University in the framework of the project "Turkic-Mongolian world of the Greater Altai: unity and diversity in history and modernity." Kazakh and Russian scientists as part of an expert group led by associate professor of Altai State University Elena Ponkina, together with scientists from EKU named after Sarsen Amanzholov and teachers of the Department of Computer Modeling and Information Systems, developed a joint master's program "Digital Data Analysis Technologies for Sustainable Development of Regions of North and Central Asia."

Also, together with scientists of the Laboratory of Digital Technologies and Modeling under the leadership of PhD Aliya Nugumanova, joint developments in the field of digital technologies are carried out to support the adoption of agrotechnical decisions in the system of precision farming, adapted for small agricultural enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Elena Ponkina notes that the level of preparation of undergraduates at East Kazakhstan University is generally very high.

“The undergraduate degree in information systems is a very serious program aimed at training professional IT specialists. Therefore, in our master's programs, we focus on expanding the range of technologies, for example, the emphasis is on the study of GIS technologies, as well as strive for a deeper understanding of data analysis methods."

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