Altai State University summed up the results of the implementation in 2020 of the strategic project for the sustainable development of Altai Krai territories

10 December 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
Today, on December 10, Altai State University hosted a meeting of the project session, dedicated to the results of the contribution of the flagship university of the region to the development of strategies and projects for the development of municipalities of Altai Krai.

Altai State University, within the framework of the project session, presented the results of the implementation of the strategic project "Sustainable Development of Altai Territories in the Transboundary Space" in 2020. Despite the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the development and implementation of development projects for municipalities in Altai Krai continued in the past year. At the moment, these are the cities of Biysk and Belokurikha, Altaisky, Smolensky, Sovetsky, and Soloneshensky districts. One of the projects - "Strategy for the socio-economic development of the municipality (MO) Altaisky District until 2035" - passed all stages of approval and was adopted.

In addition to representatives of the region's flagship university, the project session was attended by Head of the Department for Forecasting Socio-Economic Development and program planning of the Ministry of Economic Development of Altai Krai Nadezhda Kuzmina, Head of the Center for Strategic Analysis and Planning of the IEIE SB RAS Vyacheslav Seliverstov, heads and specialists of public authorities and local government, leading scientists, experts, representatives of public organizations, the business community, and he media.

“It is no coincidence that the issues of interaction and integration, the combination of theoretical knowledge and their practical implementation are actively discussed at the federal level and at the level of individual ministries and departments, since this is the only way to achieve the most effective results in solving promising problems. The participation of science and education is mandatory in this association, since it is they that give a new positive impetus to the further development of the territories,” emphasized at the opening of the event the curator of the strategic project, President of Altai State University Sergei Zemlyukov. “One of the main tasks of Altai State University, as a flagship university in the region, is to work with municipalities. And this year, despite the difficult epidemiological situation, the first draft of the regional development strategy was adopted. We actively involve students in the implementation of our strategic projects, who write final term papers or theses on topical issues for the region. For example, about the opening of new tourist routes in Altaisky District, or eco-paths. It is with this kind of work, small but result-oriented projects that we will achieve great results."

“Summing up the results of the work of Altai State University in the framework of the implementation of the strategic project for the sustainable development of the territories of Altai, we are talking about the involvement of the university in scientific and expert work in the interests of the development of the region. From the multitude of research projects of Altai State University, covering different areas of activity, we must draw conclusions indicating those factors of competitiveness that will help our university to show the most effective result. We should have a fruitful discussion, which will be not only of scientific interest, but will also form the basis of many decisions,” said Rector of Altai State University Sergei Bocharov.

Three key issues were brought up for discussion by the participants of the project session:

• Practice of strategic planning in the municipalities of Altai Krai.

• Projects for the development of the territories of Altai Krai: development and implementation experience.

• Key areas of activity and results of the project "Sustainable development of the territories of Altai Krai" for 2021.

For the first time a scientific and practical seminar in the format of a project session dedicated to the practice of strategy in pilot areas of Altai Krai, Altai State University held in 2019 as part of the strategic project "Sustainable Development of Altai Territories in the Transboundary Space."

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