Astrophysicists from Altai State University celebrate the International Space Day

10 November 2021 International Affairs Department

Today, November 10, astrophysicists of Altai State University celebrate the International Cosmic Day.

"This is the tenth International Space Day. It is dedicated to the research of high-energy cosmic particles, which help scientists to discover the secrets of the Universe,” comment the scientists of Altai State University.

Altai State University is one of the leading Russian research centers in the field of astrophysics of high-energy cosmic rays. A group of astrophysicists from Altai State University under the leadership of Professor Anatoly Lagutin is part of the international TAIGA collaboration. On the basis of our university, the leading events in this scientific field were held: the 26th Extended European Symposium on Cosmic Rays (26th E + CRS) and the 35th All-Russian Conference on Cosmic Rays (35th RCRC), which brought together experts from all over the world.

To celebrate the International Space Day, astrophysics of one of the world's oldest University of Padua (Italy), Eliza Prandini and Michel Doro, with the help of colleagues from other countries representing the largest experiments in the study of cosmic rays, have shot an interesting film about how scientists study our Universe. The film tells about the work of such astrophysical observatories as HAWK, Pierre Auger Observatory, MAGIC and LST, underground laboratories of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics, astrophysical complex TAIGA, LHAASO and ICE-Cube.

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