The Rector's meeting results: International cooperation is in priority

25 November 2021 Newspaper "For Science"
On November 22, a regular meeting of the administration of Altai State University took place. It discussed the international projects of the university in the scientific and educational fields.

As always, Rector of Altai State University Sergei Bocharov is keeping an eye on the implementation of strategic projects under the Priority 2030 program. Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Development Alexander Dunets made a presentation on how the university's scientific forces were mobilized in terms of fulfilling strategic tasks.

The Rector emphasized that it is important to fulfill its obligations to implement projects, of which 42 have been announced for 2021. These are not only scientific projects, but also projects in the field of education, digital transformation, and youth policy. And by 2022 it is already necessary to prepare an expanded list of strategic projects.

The digital transformation strategy of AltSU was also discussed. Maksym Gerasimyuk, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation and Media Communications, made a presentation. The Rector drew attention to the fact that the university needs to clearly define what competencies we need to put into our digital model: that is, what digital skills our student, teacher, and the university administration should have, and, most importantly, why.

This time, the members of the administration discussed many events: the results of the Forum "Days of Youth Science", the results of the coordination meeting of the rectors of universities - members of the Association of Asian Universities, the participation of the ASU leadership in the II Russian-Uzbek Educational Forum, which was held in Moscow from November 16 to 17 on the basis of Lomonosov Moscow State University with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the Russian Union of Rectors.

Sergei Bocharov said:

“During the plenary session, the agreements on cooperation between Altai State University and the National University of Uzbekistan named after M. Ulugbek, Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, and an updated partnership agreement in specific areas of training in the interests of the economy and social sphere of Uzbekistan with Bukhara State University were signed. I was the moderator of one of the four thematic sessions of the forum - "Russian language and humanitarian projects in the system of priorities for bilateral cooperation" - and I told the participants about the experience of Altai State University in the implementation of humanitarian projects and teaching in Russian."

In 2021, Altai State University stepped up cooperation with partners from the Republic of Uzbekistan, both through partner universities of the Association of Asian Universities and REC "The Greater Altai", and with educational organizations and, of course, together with Rossotrudnichestvo, on the selection of applicants for Uzbek citizens to receive state support - quotas for studying in Russia.

The result of this work was that this year there was a significant increase in applicants from Uzbekistan enrolled in ASU - 117 people, including 94 for undergraduate programs and 23 for master's programs. At the same time, the range of areas in which the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan are trained is very wide and includes socio-economic, natural-scientific and technical and humanitarian areas of training. 14 students were enrolled in the direction of partner universities (Samarkand State University and Urgench State University).

The final resolution of the session at the suggestion of the Rector of Altai State University included a recommendation to use the potential of interuniversity platforms, such as the Association of Asian Universities and REC “The Greater Altai”, for the development of multilateral international humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan.

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