Altaiskaya Pravda: Altai State University will join students into science and technology companies

13 January 2022 Department of Information and Media Communications
The regional newspaper "Altaiskaya Pravda" wrote that Altai State University plans to organize en masse start-ups on the basis of the student business incubator. Vitaly Tsarev, researcher at the Laboratory of Industrial Pharmacy and Supercritical Fluid Technologies of Altai State University, told the agency.

According to Vitaly Tsarev, starting from the third year, students can create a full-fledged startup in three years and after graduation either work for themselves or, having serious implementation experience, get a key position in a good company.

Back in 2020, the Meta-Resource team of engineers and scientists led by Vitaly Tsarev taught several students of the Institute of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies of Altai State University to create commercially attractive products. Then the future chemists and pharmacists Ekaterina Makeeva, Yulia Brazhnikova, Yulia Pirozhenko, and Vladislav Dybalev came up with functional nutrition, which, in their opinion, consumers should like. It was a vegetable marmalade based on pectins with the addition of extracts, depleted in simple carbohydrates.

“For a year we directed them, taught them to work in a team. As a result, they won in the pre-acceleration program "Innovator's Navigator" of the Innovation Promotion Foundation with this product. It turned out to be a relatively good product. However, it makes no sense to develop it further, since this marmalade is one of three hundred on the market,” Vitaly Tsarev believes.

But the efforts were not in vain. Having gained experience of scientific work in a team, the guys thought about other more exclusive products. So, Vladislav Dybalev took up biodegradable materials, taking a technologist from the Altai Technical University as a partner. The material obtained can be used as packaging for functional nutrition.

Recently, the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical-Pharmaceutical Technologies of Altai State University provided "Meta-resource" with its laboratory for experiments with extracts of medicinal plants. In return, Tsarev's team undertakes to teach students how to create products that have commercial prospects.

“It is young people who should come up with them, not scientists,” the Meta-Resource leader believes. “Scientists are carriers of knowledge. They can create technology, but they don't see the needs of the market. Our chemists have a huge number of non-implemented inventions. For example, growth stimulants have been developed that accelerate the development of plants by 10 times in a Petri dish, but they are not available in the fields. Simply because after treatment with this miraculous mixture, the seed sticks in the sowing machine. We need to solve this problem. But the scientist is not interested. So let him share his technology with the youth, who will bring it to the market. We just need to show them in the right direction."

And Vitaly is doing it. For example, future designers from Altai State University were going to make clothes from production waste. Tsarev doubted that someone would wear it, but offered to make stickers from waste that can be attached to a jacket or shirt. This is a new trend in Europe. The students got excited about the idea and started working. To help commercialize this development, they were recently invited to Skolkovo for a training course.

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