A strategic session with the participation of experts from the Center for Sociological Research started at ASU

15 February 2022 Department of Information and Media Communications

February 14-16, a strategic session on the implementation of the Priority 2030 program is held at Altai State University with the participation of experts from the scientific institution Center for Sociological Research (Sociocenter).

In 2021 Altai State University became the only university in Altai Krai that was included in the Priority 2030 federal project. Sociocenter coordinates the implementation of the Priority 2030 strategic leadership program. As part of the strategic session, Ilya Kiriya (National Research University Higher School of Economics), Galina Evtina (Tyumen Industrial Institute), Evgeny Pavlovsky (Novosibirsk State University) paid a visit to AltSU.

On the first day of work, they got acquainted with the university, visited the South Siberian Botanical Garden of Altai State University, the Research and Educational Center for Altaic and Turkic Studies “The Greater Altai”, the Russian-American Anti-Сancer Center, the Altai Center for Applied Biotechnology and other departments of the university involved in the strategic projects of Altai State University.

Also, on the first day, the presentation of the development program of Altai State University took place: the mission, key areas, educational, youth and research policy of the university for the coming years, and then the main strategic projects of Altai State University as part of the Priority 2030 program.

AltSU Rector Sergey Bocharov noted:

– The management team of the university understand very well the need for change and the challenges that the university faces. We need to restructure our activities to meet new challenges and clearly understand what modern industries require from the university. We don't have time to rouse to action. It is necessary to act quickly and not to waste a single day. Each university is unique in its own way, and we understand that we must build our own combination of transformation. In our strategy, we take into account the unique characteristics of our region and its geographical features. Altai Krai is among the top ecoregions, which provides a good base for research. It also has special natural and medicinal resources, we have a lot of medicinal plants, and we also took this into account in our strategic projects.

ASU First Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Evgeniya Zhdanova said in her presentation that the key changes related to the Priority 2030 program imply the implementation of large-scale projects:

– Transformation plans to implement by 2030 are ambitious. First of all, we focus on the annual growth of graduates with key and end-to-end digital competencies. We also need an increase in undergraduate and graduate students with competencies in the field of digital and green economy, as well as ecology. Among the main tasks: to increase to 20% the proportion of students in the target set; increase the number of students participating in technology parks, design bureaus and business incubators; to involve at least 21,000 students and attendees into the orbit of the university using the model of personalized learning; increase the percentage of foreign students.  It is also necessary to increase the level of investment activity in the region, the formation of intellectual potential, and graduates with research competencies. Now Altai Krai is suffering from a very serious outflow of young people to the central regions of Russia, and in order to improve this migration situation, we need to change our educational policy.

Our model of digital education is able to effectively form a generation of specialists who will bring the IT industry of Altai Krai to the level of global competition. We are already boldly following this route. Thus, we create our own model of intelligent trajectories, taking into account the experience of leading universities. An example of this is our new Institute for Humanities, which has become a testing ground. It has more than fifty areas of training and more than a hundred innovative educational programs.

Sociocenter expert Ilya Kiria emphasized:

– For us, as experts, the main task is to help you formulate the gaps that prevent you from moving along the Priority 2030 program. AltSU is not the only university where such strategic sessions will be held. Our teams work throughout Russia. We are scaling up effective university development practices.

Tomorrow, within the framework of the strategic session, project work will be held in five groups (Target model, Management system, Basic processes, Auxiliary, cross-cutting processes, Strategic projects).

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