Scientists from AltSU in cooperation with Rosatom State Corporation are developing a voice assistant

31 March 2022 Department of Information and Media Communications
The project “Voice Assistant” is developed as part of the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership program. It was prepared with the participation of employees of several institutes and divisions of AltSU (Institute of Humanities, Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies, Department of Informatization).

The main product of the project will be robotic voice assistants: “Hotline for the Prophylactics and Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus Infection at the University”, “University Information Service for Applicants”, and “University Information Service for Employees, Students and the Public”. But the thematic possibilities of creating dialogue structures are not limited to this. In fact, the university will create a database of keywords and scenarios of "live dialogues" for the functioning and training of voice assistants. Robots will be able to communicate with the user in a natural language.

As part of the project, the development and implementation of a unique program for Russia for further vocational education on the use of a voice assistant in the activities of organizations of various profiles is being developed and implemented. Voice assistants have already shown their effectiveness, their introduction into the work of an organization helps to improve the quality of service and saves time, reduces the burden on employees, and also improves the image of the organization.

On the basis of AltSU, a distance learning system will operate at the Center for Retraining and Advanced Training of the Institute of Humanities. After completing the training, students will have an idea about the functioning of computer applications of voice assistants, create typical dialogue scenarios for them, choose the most effective ways to solve problems depending on specific conditions, and much more. Guidelines will be developed.

The project is connected with the strategic goal of the AltSU development program - the formation of an innovative university model that creates new opportunities in the field of knowledge, innovation, and technology. One of the key priorities of the Program is the development of the digital economy, the introduction of innovative digital solutions with access to large-scale ambitious strategic projects. The activities of the university in the information and communication sphere will be transformed in the direction of the widespread use of digital technologies for processing and analyzing human speech.

“The digital transformation of the university is necessary to achieve the success of the overall development strategy of AltSU in order to consciously and manageably enter the digital future. The diverse use of digital technologies for processing and analyzing human speech contributes to improving the quality of interaction with applicants and participants in the educational process of the university. This will increase the competitiveness of AltSU in the educational market. In addition, the project has important social functions; it will help reduce conflict and tension in the university environment through the formation of more effective digital communications. This is especially important in the context of, for example, the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic,” says Viktor Nagaytsev, Head of the project, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Head of the Department of Sociology and Conflictology at the Institute of Humanities.

The industrial partner of the project is Rusatom Infrastructure Solutions AO (RIR, part of Rosatom State Corporation). The company provided the University with a form (computer program) of a voice assistant, which the scientists are filling out. Currently, AltSU employees who will implement the project are being trained.

The University has launched a “Hotline for Prophylactics and Prevention of the Spread of Coronavirus Infection at the University” in test mode, by the summer it is expected to launch the “University Information Service for Applicants” and the “University Information Service for Employees, Students and the Public”.

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