Financial assistance to students

17 April 2020 Educational Management
Students can apply for financial assistance due to their material well-being.

For 1st and 2nd- year undergraduate students receiving “good” and “excellent” marks at the exams, increased financial assistance is available.

Students need to obtain a certificate of student status.

Method of receipt: the scanned certificate of student status will be submitted personally to the student through e-mail / social networks, and also, in the absence of contact with the student, through the monitor of the group.

Those, whose period of financial support has expired from March 15 to May 15, 2020 and are unable to provide electronic copies of documents (due to the impossibility of renewing or receiving them in connection with the measures to counter the spread of coronavirus infection) should provide a personal application for financial support and send a scan / photo of the signed application until May 15, 2020.

After the end of the distance learning period, further processing / extension of financial assistance will be  carried out as usual by submitting an application and providing a notification / certificate on the approval of financial assistance.

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