Open lectures are held in the framework of the Days of Youth Science

15 November 2019 Sector of the Organization of Educational and Research Work of Students
In the framework of the autumn session of the Days of Youth Science, according to the established tradition, a cycle of open lectures will be held.

One of the most interesting and expected will be the open lecture of the honorary professor of Altai State University, Martin Luther University Professor (Germany, Halle) Manfred Fruauf “Galapagos Islands: a World Heritage and Evidence of Evolution Influenced by Global Changes”.

Manfred Fruauf is the initiator of the development of scientific and educational relations between the Altai State University and the leading scientific and educational organizations in Germany. In 2004, on the initiative of Professor Frewer, an agreement was concluded between Altai State University and Martin Luther University on cultural and scientific cooperation. This agreement allowed the development of scientific and educational ties between scientists and students of the biological, geographical, mathematical, sociological, and physical-technical faculties of AltSU with leading educational and scientific organizations in Germany.

Lecture of Professor Fruauf will take place on November 23 at 13:20 in aud. 321 "M".

In addition, within the framework of the Days of Youth Science, four more open lectures are planned, which can be attended by all those interested in science – not only students and teachers of the university.

  • On November 19, in the audience of 107 “Ks” at 11:20 a lecture by Marina Alexandrovna Indyukova, a teacher of the department of nature management, service and tourism, will be held, devoted to the development of automotive tourism in the Altai region, within which the route laying features will be considered.
  • On November 21, in the auditorium 312 "L" at 11:20, a lecture by Ekaterina Sergeevna Prizendorf, a teacher of the Department of General and Applied Psychology, will be organized, where you can dispel existing myths about the work of a psychologist, find out how a psychologist differs from a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and also scientific psychology and what is the psychology of everyday life.
  • On November 21, a lecture of the candidate of historical sciences, lecturer of the department of national history Bobrov Denis Sergeevich will also be held in the audience of 321 “M” at 1:20 pm. The lecture will consider the current state of historical science, issues of popularization of scientific knowledge, as well as its use.
  • On November 23 at 11:20 in the audience of 500 "K" will be a lecture by the leading research officer of the R&D accompaniment department of Vorontsov Alexander Valerievich, devoted to the research of titanium dioxide and graphene nanoparticles according to quantum computing.
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