Altai State University presented its innovative developments at the opening of the International Forum "Biotechnology: Science, Education, Industry"

23 September 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
On September 23, in the concert hall "Siberia" in Barnaul, the grand opening of the International Forum "Biotechnology: Science, Education, Industry" took place, which united two large-scale events: III International Biotechnological Symposium "BIO-Asia Altai 2021" and IV Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference (with international participation) "From Bioproducts to Bioeconomics".

Altai State University, which is a co-organizer of the forum, presented two stands at the exhibition of research developments and biotechnological products of scientific, educational institutions and enterprises of Altai Krai, located in the foyer of the concert hall. It demonstrated innovative developments of scientists from the flagship university, about which Rector of Altai State University Sergei Bocharov told Governor of Altai Krai Viktor Tomenko and First Deputy Prime Minister of Altai Krai Alexander Lukyanov. In particular, the first stand of the exposition of the State University was devoted to personalized nutrition with a demonstration of products corresponding to the development trend of the food industry - marmalade created on the basis of natural ingredients, for example, such as pectin, dry honey, products of deep processing of white lupine and meitake mushrooms (Grifola frondosa). At the second stand, Altai State University presented microbiological preparations for agriculture, innovative biological products and technologies for the agro-industrial complex, dietary supplements based on natural raw materials from Altai Krai and improved planting material based on the method of clonal micropropagation of plants in vitro.

After getting acquainted with the exhibition, the Governor of Altai Krai took part in the opening of the forum. Welcoming the participants and guests of the event, V. Tomenko noted that Altai State University, Medical, Technical and Agricultural universities of the region became the main platforms of the forum, organized in the Year of Science and Technology.

“We hope that the combined format of today's event will allow us to preserve its best traditions and continue the search for strategically valuable solutions for the development of biotechnology. The forum is attended by over a thousand people from 8 countries, and the Russian Federation is represented by 33 regions. This speaks, first of all, of the relevance of the tasks considered by the forum, and the relevance of the developments presented here,” he specified.

“The trend of modern science is, of course, integration. Therefore, when organizing the symposium "BIO-Asia Altai 2021" and a conference on bioeconomics, it was decided to unite them under the auspices of a single forum on biotechnology. A unifying principle was put at the head of this forum, so, all universities, all scientific institutions of the region, as well as all enterprises related to biotechnological production were connected. An important and significant role here was played by the administrative resource of the region,” noted Rector of Altai State University S. Bocharov. “Biotechnology is an important area of the development of Altai Krai, which is considered one of the drivers of its economy. It is actively developing and bringing its positive results, which undoubtedly contributes to the improvement of the standard of living in our region, and also the country as a whole."

As part of the opening of the forum, the leading scientists and specialists of the region in the field of biotechnology were awarded, among whom were employees of Altai State University. Thus, the Honorary Diploma of the Government of Altai Krai was awarded to Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Leading Researcher of the IC "Prombiotech" Alyona Irkitova, Head of the Department of the Educational and Production Base of Practices "South Siberian Botanical Garden" Sergey Smirnov, Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology Lyubov Khlebova, a leading researcher at the Altai Center for Applied Biotechnology.  Andrei Shapoval, Director of the Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center of Altai State University, was awarded with a commendation from the Governor of Altai Krai.

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