AltSU’s Professor Tatyana Terekhina revealed the secrets of indoor plants to "First on Mayak"

6 February 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
Tatyana Terekhina, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor of the Botany Department of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology, Altai State University, spoke in the radio program "First on Mayak" of the State TV and Radio Company "Altai".

The hosts of the program asked the AltSU’s scientist about seemingly elementary things, but only a specialist who thoroughly deals with this topic knows the exact answers to these questions. For example, what kind of indoor plants should every home have? Are they not dangerous?

There are plants that are harmless at first glance, but they emit harmful substances. These are plants of the aroid family - different types of philodendron, scindapsus, and alocasia. Or zamioculcas. It is decorative, but it is better not to keep it at home, it is dangerous for children and animals.

Plants also breathe. During the day they absorb carbon dioxide, and at night, when you sleep, they fight with you for oxygen. Therefore, it is better not to keep them in the bedroom.

What are the healthiest plants? For example, indoor geranium? And what will happen if you plant it in the garden?
And what about onion? Should you grow its green leaves on the window sill? Are there any beneficial substances in them?

Why do purchased potted flowers die? It turns out that the technology for growing them is such that they most likely will not grow at home. It's just a long standing bouquet.

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