Altaiskaya Pravda: Altai scientists create an electronic pediatric stethoscope

29 March 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientists from Altai State University are developing an electronic pediatric stethoscope. It will replace the usual analogue made of tubes and "headphones", and even parents can use it, as Altayskaya Pravda reports.

Such devices for adults began to be produced seven years ago, but there was no one for children. The new device will take into account the characteristics of a young organism.

Soon, thanks to Altai scientists, pediatricians will be able to more accurately diagnose bronchopulmonary diseases in young patients, and at an early stage. This is especially important with the spread of COVID-19.

The project is being carried out by specialists from the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of Altai State University. The new device does not have tubes, it is applied to certain places on the chest and records sounds from there with a special program installed on the smartphone.

A nurse or even a mother can listen to the child's lungs. Then the result can be sent to the pediatrician, as explains the press service of the university.

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