Competition “Raccoon Caps”

25 February 2020 Press Centre of IBB

Participation in a cap collection project is the simplest thing that each of us can do: just do not throw the cap into the trash, but throw it into a special container.

Not many people will think about what a person needs to do to create a real miracle - just stop throwing away food grade plastic caps.

Collect them, and then fill the boxes with the project logo with them, and a miracle will happen!

The caps will be sent for recycling, and all proceeds from the caps will go to the Oblaka charity foundation.

What can be collected in the "Raccoon Caps" competition (each type of recyclable material separately):
plastic caps marked 2 (HPDE) and 5 (PP), as well as unmarked;
nylon jar caps;
cooler caps;
metal caps.
Plastic and metal caps must be clean.

Joining the project is easy: you just need to supply a container for collecting caps!

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