Separate the trash and live on a clean planet

18 November 2020 Press Centre of IBB

SEC AltSU Under the Open Sky takes part in the quest "Share with us" from the association of Green universities of Russia.

This week, the team held 3 environmental lectures, attended by freshmen from the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Altai State University.

Ecoclub activists - Yulia Tyumentseva and Ekaterina Ignatieva spoke about the importance and possibility of sorting recyclable materials in our city. Victoria Kosareva spoke a little about the history of the eco-club, its appearance, activities in previous years and plans for the near future.

“I really want to note that first-year students are excellent listeners. Perhaps not everyone was interested in the topic, but everyone was very attentive, which surprised and made our team very happy! "  said Head of the Ecological Club Victoria.

Do you want to know everything about how garbage affects our lives?

How can you help make the world cleaner?

Join the eco-club!

The future of our planet depends on you!

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