The AltSU lawyers' project on the legal regulation of scientific and technical activities in Russia has won a grant from the President of the Russian Federation

13 January 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
Lawyers of Altai State University on the eve of 2021, announced by Vladimir Putin as the Year of Science and Technology, won a grant from the President of the Russian Federation on state support of young Russian scientists - candidates and doctors of Sciences for the implementation of a project on Science Law.

Head of the research group, Director of the Law Institute of Altai State University, Doctor of Law, Associate Professor Anton Vasiljev noted that within the framework of the project "Science Law: Russian and International Dimensions" it is planned to study such topics as justification of the need to develop a code on science and innovation, increase the legal status of scientists, scientific organizations and the Russian Academy of Sciences, legal forms of financing scientific activities, as well as issues of international scientific and technical cooperation, and protection of rights to objects of scientific creativity.

“This project has become a logical continuation of the work carried out by the team of the Law Institute of Altai State University on the legal regulation of scientific and technical activities. In particular, for the third year now we have been successfully implementing the project "Principles, Sources and Trends of Legal Regulation of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation between Russia and the SCO States" under the leadership of Head of the Department of Labor, Environmental Law and Civil Procedure, Doctor of Law Yevgeny Anichkin. Due to this work, we have developed a good flow of publication, a significant groundwork on this topic and, as a result, winning the competition for a grant from the President of the Russian Federation with a new project in this direction,” said the Director of the Law Institute of Altai State University.

The research team of the project, according to Anton Vasiljev, in addition to young researchers from the flagship university of Altai Krai, included colleagues from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: scientists from the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University and the Kirghiz-Russian Slavic University named after Boris Yeltsin.

“Our ultimate task is to develop the concept of the federal law on science, scientific, technical and innovation activities in the Russian Federation. In two years, we plan not only to solve this problem, but also, with the support of colleagues from leading universities in Russia, try to work out a draft of the code of laws on science and innovation,'' noted Anton Vasiliev. “Those, who are now seriously engaged in science, understand that the  stake on scientific and technological development, which Vladimir Putin announced on the eve of the New Year, should provide the necessary breakthrough in the socio-economic development of the state.”

The first step of the project's research team was to study the principles, sources and subject of science law; features of the legal status of a scientist in Russian and foreign legislation, their comparative characteristics; application of foreign practice to improve the material and social situation, the reputation of a scientist in Russia. The next step of the AltSU lawyers is the development of the topic "Legal forms and mechanisms of financing science in the Russian Federation."

In the course of the project, it is also planned to create a joint research laboratory with the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the problems of legal regulation of scientific and innovative activities.

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