Scientists of Altai State University develop a performance-enhancing drug

23 August 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientists of the Scientific Research Institute for Biological Medicine at Altai State University, together with the specialists of Galen Pharmaceutical Plant, have developed a unique biological product with a high adaptogenic effect.

Galen Pharmaceutical Plant, which produces herbal medicinal products and is part of Altai Biopharmaceutical Cluster, is the university's strategic partner in the implementation of several projects for the creation of biological preparations, one of which has already been fully developed and an experimental batch is ready to be launched.

This combined preparation under the working name of FitAp is unique, as it has been obtained by a combination of biologically active substances of animal and vegetable origin. It is designed to enhance mental and physical performance.

“The product we developed will be recommended primarily for people living in the Far North and big cities, those working in extreme conditions, on a rotational basis, as well as for athletes at the stages of training and rehabilitation. In addition, FitAp can be recommended to all those who live in the conditions of extreme or sharply continental climate that seriously affects their well-being, regardless of age,” Director of the Scientific Research Institute for Biological Medicine, Doctor of Biology, Professor Vyacheslav V. Lampatov explained.

Animal studies have shown high adaptogenic activity of the developed drug. Currently, Galen Pharmaceutical Plant is preparing to release an experimental batch of the drug, and it is planned to register it as a biologically active additive in late autumn or early winter of this year.

“FitAp consists of four components of plant origin, developed by Galena specialists, and one components of animal origin, which was created in the laboratories of our research institute. It will be possible to speak more specifically about the composition of the drug after receiving documents on its registration,” Vyacheslav V. Lampatov specified.

It remains to be added that the unique biological product is being developed by the Scientific Research Institute for Biological Medicine at Altai State University and Galen Pharmaceutical Plant as part of AltaiBioPharma strategic project implemented by the flagship university – the introduction of innovative methods for the production and use of medicinal raw materials of natural origin and medicines based on it.

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