AltSU scientists took part in a seminar of Czech University of Life Sciences on global climate change

19 May 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
The distant interaction between teachers and students in the electronic information and educational environment, introduced everywhere due to the coronavirus pandemic, not only challenged the regular activities of universities, but also opened up new opportunities.

Teachers and students of Altai State University are actively using the opportunities of distance education, which is also used in foreign partner universities nowadays. In particular, Associate Professor of the Department of Theoretical Cybernetics and Applied Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Elena V. Ponkina and a third-year student of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies Kirill Tarasov took part in online seminars and lectures given by Dr. Miroslava Bovarova from Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

These seminars were devoted to the problems of global climate change and possible scenarios of adaptation of agricultural production systems to them, as well as to the study of the factors of farmers' behavior in introducing sustainable agricultural technologies.

In the framework of online lectures, postgraduate students from the Czech Republic presented the results of their research on the issues, which were carried out with the support of European experts in different parts of the world.

“There is no doubt that the development of online communication in the scientific and educational environment allows us to erase spatial boundaries and creates new opportunities” says Elena V. Ponkina. “During the pandemic, more and more events go online. So, for example, a public online defense of PhD dissertation by Christine Abel is held at the Department of Geography and Natural Resources Management of Denmark, performed at the University of Copenhagen under the guidance of Professor Rasmus Fenschold. The theme of her work, “Global Dryland Vegetation: Extent, functioning and drivers of change”, is devoted to the study of global processes of vegetation change in arid territories. This topic may be of interest to graduate students and teachers involved in the processing of remote sensing data”.

Elena V. Ponkina became part of a large team of scientists implementing an all-Russian project to address the involvement of the abandoned lands of the Republic of Buryatia. She was awarded the Altai Krai Prize in the field of science and technology (as part of the research team) for participating in the research on the development and introduction of agricultural technologies for sustainable land use and justification of the use of innovative machines for cultivating crops in Altai Krai.

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