AltSU Student Business Incubator was presented at the All-Russian online conference on agro-business

22 May 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
On May 21, an online conference took place “From field to consumer: the food supply chain changes”, organized by the Agrovestnik Internet portal and the AMG Consulting consulting company.

In the context of the restrictions of the first half of 2020 associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, experts note the transformation of the food market. This affects all participants in the supply chain - agricultural producers, processors, representatives of food markets, and  retailers. The speed with which changes occur poses new requirements for the production of foods and how they are delivered to the consumer.

The main speakers were representatives of business, government, and non-profit organizations. They discussed relevant topics such as changes in purchasing power and consumer preferences when choosing products under restrictions, recession of the recovery period, building production and consumption in the conditions of self-isolation of regions, and new sales and logistics tools.

The participant of the conference was  director of the Center for the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer and Management of the flagship  Altai State University Olga A. Vysotskaya, who presented the activities of the Altai State University Student Business Incubator.

“The online format in the current situation is necessary for building productive communications. So, I had the opportunity to talk about the services that Altai State University can provide to food manufacturers, as well as present the products of residents of the Student Business Incubator of innovative projects for the healthy food market. We must understand that consumer behavior patterns are changing; there is a reassessment of customer values. The online sales segment is developing very quickly, which has its own characteristics and its target audience. We must be prepared to work in such conditions in the future” Olga Vysotskaya emphasized.

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