AltSU experience in the development of the startup movement presented at a conference of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives 8-2020

4 May 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
Olga A.Vysotskaya, Director of the Center for the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management of the flagship Altai State University, took part in the online conference of public representatives of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives 8-2020: 8 priority initiatives in 2020 - development opportunities for everyone”.

Within the framework of the conference, the participants who were representatives of government bodies, business, public and educational organizations, got acquainted with the regional infrastructure of the agency, leaders of its directions and their plans for 2020.

Oleg A. Sheludyakov, ASI's public representative in the field of “Entrepreneurship and Technology” in Altai Krai, emphasized the particular importance of this direction for Altai Krai, since it is the industry and technological entrepreneurship that are the main sources of the regional budget replenishment, the basis of its sustainable socio-economic development. He noted that one of the priorities of the public representative is to remove barriers and create favorable conditions for the development of technological entrepreneurship in Altai Krai.

Olga A. Vysotskaya presented an initiative in the field of youth technological entrepreneurship. She spoke about the experience of Altai State University in the development of the start-up movement and technological entrepreneurship, about the ecosystem of innovation support at the university.

“We have a well-tuned mechanism for working with startups - these are the Center’s services on the university’s website - the opportunity to apply online, and further work in the point mode with each team. The guys can work out their idea as part of the activities of the interactive project pre-accelerator Club of Crazy Ideas, receive feedback from the business at StartupUni expert sessions” Olga Anatolyevna said. “We give consultations on making applications to innovation development institutions - for three years 15 projects were supported under the Start and U.M.N.I.K. programs of the Innovation Promotion Fund. For those who wish to develop their business, there is the Student Business Incubator of Innovation Projects. Our Center provides support to project development teams on a one-stop basis. In general, our task today is to more actively connect the region’s business community to the youth start-up movement in order to create even more projects together with enterprises in the real sector. And in a crisis, this is especially true, because it will allow enterprises based on new technologies to open new niches in business, create products with fundamentally new and improved characteristics and provide themselves with a sustainable competitive advantage”.

The public representative will consider the entire pool of proposals and by the end of 2020  form a roadmap taking into account 8 best of the proposed initiatives.

The main goal of the Agency's strategic initiatives is to develop the Agency’s ecosystem to achieve national ideas through the formation of a network of partner organizations, replication of successful ASI practices in the regions, work on identifying and countering risks and realizing opportunities, etc. A significant part of the work in the regions is carried out by public representatives. Their tasks include: promoting leadership projects, supporting initiatives in the region, searching for the best practices of socio-economic development, coordinating the work of regional expert groups of the Agency, etc.
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