Altai State University begins testing its own biological products

29 May 2020 Scientific and Innovative Management
As part of the strategic project “Creation and Market Launch of Competitive Domestic Biological Products and Technologies for the Agroindustrial Complex” AltSU began testing crop growth regulators in accordance with the developed program. Tests are carried out on five crops prevailing in the structure of sown areas of Altai Krai - wheat, oats, barley, rape and soy.

The project manager, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Vladimir Tatarintsev said that the purpose of the research was to assess the impact of microbial and metabiotic preparations patented by AltSU on the quantitative and qualitative indicators of spring crops. The objectives of the tests were to determine in laboratory conditions the effect of the use of microbiological preparations that impact the quality of seeds, laboratory germination, germination energy, growth force and viability; in vivo study on selected crops (in different phases of growth) of the stimulating effect of microbiological preparations, as well as evaluation of the comparative effectiveness of a biological product with chemical analogues.

The industrial partner is the head of a peasant (farm) economy from the Kamensky district of Altai Krai. The project is co-implemented by the Altai Federal Research Center for Agrobiotechnology (headed by Alexey  Garkusha) and the Altai branch of the Grain Quality Assessment Center (headed by Maria Shostak). An active participant in the test program is Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Grigory Stetsov.

The tests of crop growth regulators that have begun are a continuation of the practical implementation of the complex of work under the brand name "Green Technologies of Altai State University", implemented in two project areas: "Biotechnological preparations for agriculture" headed by Candidate of Biological Sciences,  Alena Irkitova and “Development and implementation of biotechnological methods to improve the properties of agricultural crops” headed by Candidate of  Biological Sciences, Olga Mironenko.
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