Students of the Rubtsovsk Institute again won in the All-Russian quest Lesomania

5 May 2020 Rubtsovsk Institute

The All-Russian quest Lesomania was held from September 17, 2019 to April 30, 2020. More than 70 teams from all over Russia took part in the quest.

On the way to victory, the teams went through 12 difficult stages.

–Green IT (Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University);
–Eco movement SANSARA (North Ossetian State University named after Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov, Vladikavkaz).
Prize-winner: CPSS (Irkutsk State Transport University, Irkutsk).

The quest stages included the following tasks:

1. Lesomania. From September 29 to October 14, students planted 710,500 young pines on the territory of Ozero-Kuznetsovsky forestry.

2. Green Card. In October 2019, students conducted a study of the degree of territory greening of the second academic building of the university. The calculation of the degree of greening of the territory was carried out using the Yandex map constructor. In the course of the study, it turned out that the territory of the second building is greened by 58.14%.

3. Case thinking. The implementation of the case involved the development of a set of actions that would allow a large retail network of construction and repair materials to ensure that products with the FSC label are in great demand among customers, and the store makes a profit not lower than the current one. The measures affected various levels and structures of the store (purchasing department, marketing, PR, etc.).

4. Saving forest impossible to cut down. On November 15, 2019, the Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University held a debate on the topic “What is better to use for the New Year: artificial or felled spruce?” Within the framework of the Lesomania quest.

5. Green. The implementation of this case involved the creation of a street gardening project, the calculation of a detailed estimate and the implementation of the project, having coordinated it with the university administration.
6. Going shopping. Students studied the assortment of stores and looked for as many products as possible that bear the FSC label. It was revealed that in our city there are too few people who know about the importance of this product and that it does exist.

7. Start with yourself. For 3 weeks, each team member kept a record of all paper waste. After compiling a complete list and estimating the amount of waste generated, they brainstormed and came up with practical tips to reduce the generation of paper waste. Then, for 3 weeks, they kept a record of the waste paper, following practical advice. Analysis showed that waste paper generation can be reduced by up to 50%. Temirlan Borzhikov also wrote a script and shot a video with the best advice on actions that can most effectively reduce paper consumption. The video was posted on the Internet and distributed in groups on social networks.

8. Until the last sheet. From November 22 to December 6, the Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University held an eco-action to collect waste paper. Over 100 students collected 464 kg of waste paper in two weeks.

9. We need a forest. As part of the assignment, the team was asked to organize a social advertising competition, which took place from 10/28/2019 to 11/15/2019. A total of 69 works from 59 participants were submitted to the competition. Among them are 7 schoolchildren of the younger age category, 4 schoolchildren of the middle age category and 48 students of secondary vocational education and training.

10. Lesomania Lesson for schoolchildren. On December 24, 2019, students conducted an ecological lesson in the 1 "B" class of the Planet of Childhood gymnasium.

11. Islands of life. As part of the case, it was necessary to find out which natural objects, where people could rest, are located on the territory of our city or region (Islands of Life). The found "Islands of Life" (Denisova Cave (South Alt. Ayu-Tash), Mount Sinyukha, Lake Mokhovoe, Mount Tserkovka, Lake Swan (Svetloye), Natural Monument of Regional Significance "Rock Canyon on the Kizikha River (Stone River)") had to be registered on the Guide to the Ecological Market site

12. Cinema on guard of the forest. On October 23 and 24, 2019, on the platform of the Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University, open viewing of ecological films Russian Taiga and Forests of Russia was organized.

All stages were strictly controlled by the experts of the All-Russian Quest.

Representatives of our team - students of the Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University – are granted a trip to the IV All-Russian meeting of the Association of Green Universities of Russia, which will be held in September in Moscow.

More than 200 students were involved in the movement to complete the tasks of the quest.

We are grateful to Director of the Rubtsovsk Institute (branch) of Altai State University Anastasia Ovsyannikova and the teachers of the department of MAI: Shevchenko A.S., Anisimova E.A., Anisimov K.G., Faizieva G.N., Ryazanova O.V., Kiribaeva E.I. ., Palkin S.M., Ostrokostov N.N., who helped the team to go the way to victory!

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