AltSU experience in organizing the educational process in resource centers was recognized as the best case

13 March 2021 Department of Information and Media Communications
The official website of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia reported about an online event with the participation of Chairmen of the Consortium of leading Russian universities and administration of the resource center based on the Al-Asseya Private School in Syria. The discussion was devoted to the organization of the educational process in the new year.

Igor Ganshin, Director of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, took part in the online event. He noted that the implementation of the project based on the Al-Asseya school, complicated by the language barrier and restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic, requires non-standard decisions both during the support of the project and in the process of teaching schoolchildren. The spring semester should become not only a period of approbation, but also the implementation of curricula. In this regard, it seems important to implement the face-to-face format of interaction between representatives of the Consortium of leading Russian universities with students and teachers of the resource center in Syria before the start of training sessions.

“Teaching the Russian language to the students of the Al-Asseya school consists of two parts - the main program and extracurricular activities. During the learning process, the level of the Russian language proficiency in schoolchildren will reach from zero to the B1 level required for admission to Russian universities. During the course, students will acquire the skills of a scientific style of speech in two profiles: biomedical and engineering. Extracurricular activities include the participation of schoolchildren in circles and conversation clubs. The organization of the educational process will be carried out by providing access to educational programs on the RUDN University platform,” noted Natalya Pomortseva, Dean of the Faculty of the Russian Language and General Education Disciplines of the RUDN University.

Maksim Silaev, Deputy Head of the Department of Social and Educational Work of the NRU "MPEI" summed up the results of the last academic year and spoke about plans for the new year. He noted that, despite the difficulties in communication that arose at the initial stage, the teachers of MPEI were able to successfully implement the training course.

The experience of Altai State University was recognized as the best case for organizing the educational process for students of resource centers. Roman Raikin, Vice-rector of Altai State University for the Development of International Activities, demonstrated educational materials on Biology in Arabic posted on the Open Educational Portal of Altai State University. He confirmed the intention of Altai State University to provide individual and vocational and scientific guidance and assistance in preparing for entrance examinations to all schoolchildren wishing to enter Russian universities.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the event moderator Larisa Efremova emphasized that the tasks set for the Consortium of leading universities in terms of implementing the project for the development of resource centers abroad are feasible.

The project "Resource Centers of Russian Education Abroad" was launched in 2019. The priority task of the project is the selection and preparation of talented schoolchildren for admission and study at Russian universities through in-depth study of general education subjects (mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and others) in Russian. The resource centers are taught by experts from leading Russian universities, who have united to achieve this goal in the Consortium. To date, seven resource centers have been created and are successfully operating on the basis of secondary schools in Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Moldova, Syria, Tajikistan and Turkey.

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