Professor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA) Jeffrey Dick is preparing a program for students of AltSU

30 April 2020 Institute of Biology and Biotechnology

Young and promising professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA), Jeffrey Dick, Ph.D., a specialist in nanotechnology, cell biology, sensory technology and electrochemistry, is preparing an educational program for students, undergraduates, graduate students and teachers of AltSU, where the prospects of using nanotechnology in biology (Frontiers of Nanotechnology Applied to Biological Systems) will be discussed. The proposed program will be of interest to biologists, chemists and physicists.

The educational program will be organized in the form of a Journal Club (a form of training widespread in the USA), where program participants discuss articles from top-rated journals. This form of training allows students to learn how to critically analyze articles, to highlight the main conclusions of the authors, to find out whether the results presented in the article confirm the main conclusions or not, to understand statistics and develop critical thinking about the scientific literature. Successful participants in the program will receive an official certificate.

Work with Jeffrey Dick will take place online, on the ZOOM platform, mainly in English, with the participation and Russian-speaking support of the Director of the Russian-American Cancer Center at AltSU, Doctor of Biology Andrei Shapoval.

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