The rules of the articles representation

1. Papers should be submitted in 2 copies
  • printed copy
  • soft copy (CD, DVD or e-mail attachment to, file name should be the name(s) of the author(s), e.g. Ivanov). Papers are submitted in Russian and English.

2. Submissions are limited to 0.5 printer’s sheets (11 pages) including bibliography, the author(s)’ biographical statement and images. For PhD. and post-doctoral  students in Humanities papers are limited to 1 printer’s sheet (22 pages). Minimal length for Humanities 0.3 printer’s sheets (6 pages).

3. The printed copy should be signed by the author(s) on the last page.

4. The submission should also include:

  • the degree of secrecy statement  (for papers in Natural and Technical sciences)
  • recommendation of the department
  • paper review signed by  DoctorNauk degree holder, professor and certified by seal of authority

5. PhD. students are requested to submit a certificate of graduate studies

6.  The paper should include:

  • Universal Decimal Classification/Library Bibliographic Classification index in the upper left-hand corner,  front page. UDC index for papers in  Natural and Technical sciences, LBC index for papers in Humanities.
  • The author(s))’ initials and last name(s), title of the paper, summary in Russian (1000-1600 characters without spaces), key words for the Russian version (5-10 words)
  • The author(s)’ initials and last name(s), title of the paper, summary in English (1000-1600 characters without spaces), key words  for the English version (5-10 words)
  • Main text of the paper
  • Bibliography
  • Tables with titles
  • Figures with captions
  • The author’s biographical statement (last name, first name, patronymic, academic degree and title, position, affiliation(s),contact details: telephone, postal address, postal code and e-mail)

7. If the main text is in English, the author(s)’ initials, last name(s), summary and key words are given in English first, then in Russian.

8. Papers should be submitted in WORD format (one of most recent versions), saved in doc.

9. Papers should be printed in one copy in the printer full version of the text on one side of a white paper sheet, size A4 (21X29.7cm). On a standard page there are approximately 1,800 characters ( including  spaces), 30 lines X60 characters. Font: Times New Roman. Font size: 14. Line spacing: 1.5. For word count use MS WORD Statistics Service. Margins: Top, bottom, right, left - 2 cm. All pages should be numbered.

10. Requirements to Word format text:

  • Plain text
  • The text must be organized in paragraphs without left indent.
  • Please avoid hyphenation
  • Text may be highlighted in bold, italics or font of different size.
  • You may use special characters (`,°§, etc)
  • Text written in foreign script (Chinese characters, Arabic script, etc) should have indication of the font used.
  • All words in abstract and full paper titles (excluding articles, prepositions and conjunctions) should be written in capitals.
  • Use Equation Editor, version 3 for formulas according to rules accepted in literature (variables in italics, functions in ordinary font, etc.)

11. Papers for Mathematics and Mechanics section, Management, Information and Computer Science section, Physics section may be submitted in TEXLive system format (2008).

12. All units of measurement in  text and  charts are presented in Si-system according to Metrology. Units of Management standard.

13. Give references to formulas in parentheses to the right of the formula.

14. Figures are submitted as soft copy in BMP, PCX,TIFF, XLS, JPG format  or as a black-and-white or color prints suitable for scanning. Filenames are mentioned in the paper context. Figures should be signed by the author(s). All the symbols in the figures should be explained in captions or the main text. All lines and dots in the figures should be conspicuous and should not coalesce when reduced.

15. All tables should have titles.

16.  If you use acronyms (other than popular ones), please, give  the full form in the  main text or in the  footnote.

17. Photographs are submitted as separate documents suitable for scanning with paper title and the number of the photograph overleaf. The number of the photograph is indicated in the text  as  Fig.1, Fig.2., etc.

18. Literature references within the text as follows: [1, p.15; 2, p.45]. Bibliography  entries are listed in the order the quotes appear in the text (one point – one entry). Follow the GOST P 7.0.5-2008 standard for Bibliography guide.

  • For an article: the author(s)’  last name(s), initials, title, full name of the periodical or its well-known acronym, year, volume number, issue number (date of issue for a newspaper);
  • For books, monographs, textbooks: the author(s)’ last name(s), initials, full title of the book, place of publication, date of publication;
  • For collections of research articles/conference proceedings books: the author(s)’ last name(s), initials, the title of the article/abstract, the title of the book/ place of publication, year of  publication.
  • No reference to an unpublished work.

19. Author(s)’ editing is limited to correction of spelling mistakes. Authors should not make any other alterations to the text. The corrected variant of the paper  as well as the initial one should be sent to the publisher.

20.  For Altai State University faculty, staff, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers as well as PhD, students of other institutions the cost of the publication is covered by the University. Other authors have to cover the cost of publication themselves. Noncash payment. The cost (VAT included) per page (A4, 1800 characters, spaces included) is 500 rubles. The text exceeding half of the page is considered  full page. After the decision about acceptance of the paper for publication the author is notified by a letter with the exact amount of payment and bank requisites. Payment covers publication of the paper and the author’ copy delivery.

21.The authors whose papers are accepted for publication are encouraged to subscribe to the journal in Rospechat’ agency.


Please  mail  2 copies (printed  signed by the author(s) and soft) of a full paper according to the given guidelines and related documents (recommendation, review, key words and summary)  to the following address:

Atiasova Natalia Yuryevna, Executive Editor
Izvestiya AltGU Journal Editorial Office
Address: 656049, Russia, Barnaul, pr. Lenina 61a, Room 801
Tel.: (3852) 291-252

If you have any inquiries or need further information about our paper acceptance policy please feel free to contact us.

Deputy Chief Editors

Humanities and Social Sciences:
Dr. Yury Georgievich Chernyshov, Professor of World History and International Relations Department
Tel.: (3852) 291-274
Natural and Technical Sciences:
Dr. Victor Vladimirovich Polyakov, Professor of Math. Department
Tel.: (3852) 367-059
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