Rules of reviewing for the articles submitted to The Philology and a Person Scientific Journal

  1. All the manuscripts of articles, scientific reports, etc. for the section "Philological Education Problems" submitted to the journal should be reviewed.
  2. The submitted manuscript is registered in the book of manuscripts registration (hereinafter: registration book).

  3. After the registration, in a week, the manuscript is given to the review for the profiled expert, and the note is made in the registration book.

  4. The reviewers are the members of the Editorial Board, the Editorial Council, and the PhD leading experts working in the higher education institutions founded the journal. All reviewers are experts in a definite sphere, moreover they have published a number of scientific works for the last three years in the theme of the articles under review.

  5. Every manuscript is peer-reviewed, as a rule, by one reviewer.

  6. The reviewing time is from 10 to 15 days.

  7. Reviewing is being made according to the following pattern (Appendix 1).

  8. The review signed by the reviewer goes back to the editors, and the note is made in the registration book.

  9. The reviewer’s decision goes under consideration of the Chief Editor/Deputy Chief Editor.

  10. In 7 days the review is sent to the manuscript author (via e-mail/fax). The surname of the reviewer is not given to the author; the review is signed by the profiled executive secretary.

  11. The Publishing House sends copies of reviews to the Russian Federation Department of Education and Science, if any request appears.

  12. If it is necessary, the profiled executive secretary explains particular statements additionally (at the initiative of the author; via e-mail/telephone/fax).

  13. The recommended manuscript goes to the profiled executive secretary for further procedures.

  14. The manuscript which needs a follow-on revision goes after the revision to the additional reviewing. The additional reviewing procedure is the same with the first one.

  15. The manuscript which was not recommended to be published could go under the additional review. The surnames of the first and the additional reviewers are not given to the authors.

  16. The reviews are kept in the Publishing House (either electronic or printed ones) for 5 years.

Print version Modified 25.09.2017