Turczaninowia journal has been included in Scopus

11 October 2016 Faculty of Biology
According to the decision of the Scopus Content Selection and Advisory Board (CSAB), Turczaninowia scientific periodical, which is published by Altai State University, has been included in Scopus international bibliographic database.

Journal’s inclusion in the international citation base means that it is respected by world’s academic community, which is proved by the fact that Turczaninowia has gained more than 270 citations in Scopus by mid-2016. Journal’s acknowledgement on the international level should be credited to concerted efforts of the South-Siberian Botanic Garden employees under the supervision of its director and editor-in-chief of Turczaninowia Alexander I. Shmakov.

However, Turczaninowia has showed itself to be one of the leading scientific and informational periodicals in botany in Russia a long time ago. The journal publishes relevant research in floristry, systematics, plant molecular genetics, geobotany, biotechnology and other spheres in Russian and English.

“Turczaninowia is a good Russian academic journal and it should be listed in Scopus. Scientific level of the articles is quite high. The journal has an editorial board that consists of specialists not only from Russia, but also from Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Japan and China. All materials undergo double blind review,” said one of the CSAB independent experts.

It is worth noting that Turczaninowia is indexed in Agris specialized citation database and listed in IPNI (The International Plant Names Index). It means that description of new taxons can officially be published in this journal.

The process of inclusion of the journal in international bibliographic database was difficult. The requirements imposed on Turczaninowia have suffered considerable changes during the last two years. First of all, it meant adapting to work on a higher international level. Secondly, the journal has undergone some technical changes in its content: different rules for the authors and articles formatting, editorial ethics, new style of the Literature section and renovated web-site with OJS (Open Journal Systems).

After signing an agreement with Scopus, the journal workgroup will rearrange the process of transferring metadata to the citation database, which will allow Turczaninowia articles to be displayed there.

Turczaninowia was named after outstanding scientist and expert in Siberian flora Nikolay S. Turczaninow (1796–1863), who was the first Russian botanist to study Siberia. Nikolay S. Turczaninow discovered more than 100 genera and more than 1000 plant species in Eastern Siberia. The tradition of naming journals after eminent academic figures has firmly established among zoologists and botanists. Thus, there are such journals as Linnaea, Willdenowia, Evermannia and so on.
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