ASU students will present their works at All-Russian Scientific Forum of Young Scientists

8 September 2016 Public Relations Department
The finalists of student scientific works competition of the 2nd All-Russian Scientific Forum of Young Scientists “Science of the Future Is Youth Science” have been chosen.

All in all there were more than 2 thousand student projects sent to the competition, but only 305 participants managed to make it to the final.

The students of Altai State University are also among the finalists of the All-Russian Scientific Forum of Young Scientists. The classical university will be represented by master’s degree student of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science Natalia Dvoryanchikova and bachelor’s degree student of the Faculty of Physics and Technology Yakov Filin.

On the whole, 8 students from Altai Krai have become the competition finalists. Apart from ASU, there are representatives of Altai State Agricultural University, Altai State Pedagogical University, I.I. Polzunov Altai State Technical University and Shukshin Biysk State Pedagogical University.

The forum will take place on 20–23 September 2016 in Kazan. Young scientists will meet Russian and foreign scientists of global renown. In particular, the lectures at the forum will be delivered by winner of 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics Zhores Alferov, holder of the Fields Medal Stanislav Smirnov, winners of 2015 Russian Federation National Award in Science and Technologies Sergey Nedospasov, Erik Galimov and Sergei Lukyanov.

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