AltSU art critics are implementing a unique project on cross-cultural communications between Russia and Mongolia

9 September 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
Evgeny Peshkov, a postgraduate student at the Institute of Arts and Design at Altai State University, senior lecturer at the Institute of Foreign Studies at Altai State University, Senior Researcher at the State Art Museum of Altai Krai, began implementing a unique project supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The work of the young scientist of Altai State University, carried out under the scientific supervision of Director of the Institute of Arts and Design, Doctor of Art Criticism Larisa Nekhvyadovich, is called "The problem of artistry in the fine arts of Altai in the context of Russian-Mongolian cross-cultural communications".

The purpose of Evgeny Peshkov’s research is to identify the changes taking place in Altai art under the influence of Russian-Mongolian intercultural ties, to identify the reasons for these changes, to analyze and generalize.

"Having started studying this topic about ten years ago, I found out that the art of Altai artists, where the Mongolian theme is present, had not been considered in a complex way. Even despite the fact that the topic of interaction between Russian and Mongolian cultures is widely studied, nevertheless, no one has yet studied Mongolian motifs in the fine arts of Altai. There are some publications that are mostly of a historical nature, not art history. In addition, the topic is relevant for our region in connection with the process of Eurasian integration",  emphasizes Evgeny Peshkov.

The source base of the research is the works of Altai artists about Mongolia. In particular, the collection of the State Art Museum of Altai Krai has a significant collection of such works. These are paintings by the first artist of Altai G. Gurkin (1870–1937), People's Artist of Russia M. Budkeev (1922–2019), Honored Artist of Russia F. Torkhov (1930–2012), Honored Artist of Russia A. Shchetinina and others.

The work of the graduate student of Altai State University is interdisciplinary, covering such areas of scientific knowledge as art history, history, cultural studies, and philosophy. The author of the project already has a scientific background on the topic. So, Evgeny Peshkov repeatedly reported the results of his research at scientific and practical conferences, and his articles were published in the scientific journals of the RSCI and the list of the Higher Attestation Commission.

Based on the results of the project, the graduate student of Altai State University plans to identify the names of all artists who used the theme of Mongolia in their works, systematize and study the artistic side of these works, compile and publish a catalog in this area, take part in conferences, publish the results of this research in Russian and international scientific journals , as well as defend a dissertation in the field of art history.

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